“This goal has a special place in my career”: Santos Borré

Rafael Santos Borré made no secret of his joy at the goal and the move to the Europa League final with Eintracht Frankfurt. The attacker from Barranquilla hopes to enjoy this first European final.

“This goal will occupy a special place in my career. Being able to place my team in a European final and take that historic step fills me with pride. Glad that this club, with its weapons and arguments, can compete in a final against another great rival, leaving great teams on the way. I am very grateful and want to enjoy it a lot,” said the Colombian attacker in a dialogue with Espn.

Borré appreciated the effort they have made to improve themselves throughout the season so that they are reaping the full benefits today.

“When it didn’t go well, the team didn’t do well, we were very strong and we managed to hold on. We knew the time would come when we would click. When we competed in Europe, we found our form and confident with the wins. This team deserves everything that lives. The last step is missing,” he assured.

Finally, the former River Plate Rangers player congratulated Eintracht’s rival in the Europa League final, describing this transcendental duel as a clash between “two teams hungry for glory”.

“I congratulate Rangers on reaching the final. This is another team that has incredible fans, like ours. They’ve also left some tough opponents behind, so it’s going to be a really nice final between two teams hungry for glory. Hopefully God is on our side.”

Source: El heraldo