1 Best Singers Live cast Glennis Grace

1 Best Singers Live cast Glennis Grace

Glennis Grace is no longer attending the Best Singers Live event, Facebook reported on Monday. Ibest singers stands for connection through music and interaction with each other (artist and audience). With Glennis Grace on the roster at the moment, we can’t guarantee that.”

The ad refers to the incident Grace was involved in in mid-February. The singer was arrested after she heard from a supermarket in Amsterdam that her son had been abused. He allegedly attacked several employees.

“We believe this issue of Best Singers Live comes too early for a Glennis performance to really come into its own,” the post read. “Tomorrow we will announce a new name.”

Glennis Grace ‘regrets’ for Best Singers Live Selection. The singer’s management told RTL Boulevard that she found it “very painful” that the singer canceled the performance of a groundbreaking TV program in her career.

Last month, the singer offered him “sincere apologies” via Instagram for the violence she was involved in in early February. The singer says she should have counted to ten, but acted on her maternal instincts and emotions. However, he also felt that the event was taken out of context.

Source: NU