Unión de Santa Fe 2, Oriente Petrolero 0: new leader in the Junior group

Unión de Santa Fe eliminated Oriente Petrolero from the Copa Sudamericana by beating it 2-0 and leaving the squad without points at the end of the fourth day of Group H, which now leads with eight, one more than Junior’s and Fluminense.

Mauro Luna Diale and Enzo Roldán converted the goals of the Argentine formation, who ended the game with ten players after the elimination of Claudio Corvalán in the 87th minute.

Oriente Petrolero, who was forced to ‘win or win’ today to avoid early elimination, came out with a knife between his teeth, but the locals soon found the ‘open Sesame’ to keep the three points.

In the 12th minute a cross from Emanuel Brítez put Mauro in an ideal position to score the preliminary 1-0.

The people from Santa Fe were able to expand with options for Mariano Peralta Bauer and Enzo Roldán, but the lack of precision prevented them from increasing their advantage, while Oriente Petrolero forfeited an option with Alexis Ribera.

At the start of the second half, Unión was able to accelerate, but Kevin Zenón was unable to capitalize on Jonathan lvez’s help.

The locals put the icing on the cake with a header from Enzo Roldán in the 56th minute.

Three minutes later, Luna Viale pushed the ball into the back of the net, but Chilean judge José Cabrero canceled the ball for offside.

Three minutes before the end, Claudio Corvalán received a second yellow card and was sent off, but the die was thrown and Union’s victory was sealed.

With this win, Unión reaches its penultimate day as leader, where it will host Brazil’s Fluminense on May 19, while Oriente Petrolero will visit Júnior in Barranquilla that same day.

Although he lost first place, Junior is dependent on himself to qualify for eighth. You have to win both home games.

Source: El heraldo