Lyrical reactions to Feyenoord: ‘Wonderful victory for Pastor Slot’

Lyrical reactions to Feyenoord: ‘Wonderful victory for Pastor Slot’

“Party in Marseilles”. “Tirana to Tirana”. Or simply, in capital letters: ‘Finals!’. This is how the morning papers greet the readers after the unforgettable evening in Marseille. The evening that Feyenoord again qualified for the final of a European Cup tournament two decades later.

Feyenoord players celebrate in Marseille


Bart Vlietstra wrote in De Volkskrant: “For the first time in twenty years, Feyenoord has won a European final against the most menacing background imaginable.” “Amid the smoke, tear gas, irritating laser lights, roaring explosions and cheering, tens of thousands of angry outbursts, more than ninety percent of which cheered for the opponent, the Rotterdam team kept Olympique de Marseille outside the body. Feyenoord are especially good in the first 35 minutes, looking for the new conductor identity he got this season, but Feyenoord got it. […] the art of suffering.

“The success of Feyenoord is the success of trainer Arne Slot,” says Sjoerd Mossou. “With only a handful of acquisitions, Slot has transformed an indifferent team into a dynamic unit across Europe that dares to rely on its own strengths. Like a preacher, the slot conveyed the principles of the game to Feyenoord players until they could imagine their commands.”

‘The perfect slot machine’

“A nice victory for Feyenoord and the excellent manager Slot”, according to Telegraaf. Valentijn Driessen writes: “According to the Dutch school, Feyenoord was unstoppable internationally with its attractive and fast attacking game and direct hits on the transfer market – Dessers, Trauner, Aursnes and to a lesser extent Nelson and Pedersen. †

On July 22, Feyenoord’s long road to Europe began with a disappointing draw in Pristina. A week later, Feyenoord was in a tightrope when the undersized FC Drita in De Kuip held onto the lead until the second half.

Imake memoriesAD journalist Mikos Gouka: “Feyenoord has been saying this for months through official club channels. Marseille was another great episode. There is another stop in Albania to complete the process. And if you can survive the hell of Marseille, you don’t have to stay awake for weeks for the Conference League final.”

Ten months later, on May 25, Feyenoord will meet AS Roma in the final. This will be Rotterdam’s nineteenth European competition. There is no longer a “jut-and-jul competition” as national coach Louis van Gaal calls the Conference League.

Fabian van der Poll compares in the NRC Feyenoord, which won the UEFA Cup in 2002. “It’s true: the UEFA Cup was also the next stage. Today’s Europa League is the tournament above the Conference League. It’s actually a bigger reward. But emotionally? Check out the full seats in Rotterdam on a Thursday night and see how much fun they had there, regardless of the outcome. The less prestigious Conference League? It’s like the food of a one star restaurant is much lower than that. portrait of a two-star chef.

Feyenoord fans will be the worst in any situation. “Months ago, fans already bought tickets for the final in the Albanian capital Tirana,” writes de Volkskrant. “The road brought back memories that will last a lifetime for many Feyenoord fans.”

Fans were over the moon after the win:

L’Équipe talks about the European curse

The French media mainly talks about a missed opportunity in Marseille, with the injured player Dimitri Payet as the reason. The newspaper even mentions a European curse.

“Defensively, he was much better than last week, but Feyenoord didn’t really care about Olympique de Marseille,” writes L’Équipe. “Without retired Dimitri Payet, a lot of technical things went wrong. TO before the last gate.”

After being eliminated against Feyenoord, among others, Arek Milik loses.


At Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport, we are of course most interested in AS Roma, who will face Feyenoord in the final to be held in Tirana on May 25. De Kuip’s child is reunited with Rick Karsdorp.

“Delirium at Olimpico” made headlines in the pink sports paper. “After 31 years, Rome is back in the European Cup final. Mourinho can add the Conference League to his endless cup cabinet in Tirana on May 25: only Feyenoord will remain between Rome and the cup.”

Gazzetta reveals an old bobo

Many words are devoted to English striker Tammy Abraham, who led her Italian employer to the final against her compatriots Leicester City. The newspaper also recalls the last meeting between Roma and Feyenoord.

Joy to Tammy Abraham


In 2015, Rome reached the qualifying stage of the Europa League in a confrontation that will be remembered mainly for the destruction of the historic center of Rome.

“Then the Dutch fans played the leading role in the guerrilla war in the city center. But this time it will be in Albania and the match is worthy of a trophy.”

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