Neymar and Messi mumble in Parc des Princes | Video – Network Network –

Neymar and Messi mumble in Parc des Princes |  Video – Network Network –

The fans are very angry…

Paris Saint Germain Won 3-0 Bordeaux Girondins And increased the lead to 15 points French League 1, but fail Champions League He was severely punished by fans this week Prince Park, Where players usually are Lionel Messi and Neymar, They were angry with the public.

End of the race in Parc des Princes!

Come to Paris!

— Paris Saint Germain (@PSG_espanol) March 13, 2022

Killian Mbabaneit is Saves from the Bobocars fans, Neymar and Leandro Paredes goals scored PSG with 28 points in 28 games. Four days after settling on the Mainland Market Real Madrid in the quarterfinals.

Applause Mbabane.
Whistle for Neymar, Pochettino and… Messi!
Never in his career has his own audience treated him like this!
It’s all a sign of what to do.

– Pablo Giraldi (@giraltpablo) March 13, 2022

PSG players were received coolly Through the crowd, with Neymar was severely judged By the so-called “ultra” fans of the Paris team, who demanded: Resignation of club president Nasser Al Khalaif and sporting director Leonardo.

Whistle for Messi and Neymar! Argentinians and Brazilians, especially PSG fans in Parc des Princes, after the elimination. # XESPN champions


– Sports Center (@SC_ESPN) March 13, 2022

We understand your frustration and your anger.“But we have to move forward to win the Ligue 1 title,” said the PSG centre-back. Presnel Kimpebe. “We’re all to blame, we’re a team. “It’s time to break up with her and move on.”

At this level, the bells and whistles of Messi and Neymar were at the Parc des Princes during PSG Bordeaux. And it was already 7′ in the second half… they even canceled the goal, because the Brazilian did it.

—Lucas Beltramo (@Lucas Beltramo) March 13, 2022

Kaylor Navas I was a newbie again PSG goal Than Error by Gianluigi Donaruma It cost them their first goal Real Madrid; to, Marco Verratti did not play because he was suspended.

Alone MbabaneScorer of both goals in the 3-2 overall defeat to “Real” Madrid, Applauded by fans, especially when He opened the scoring in the 24th minute. The French figure finished close after a pass Jorge Vinaldum.

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Messi was angry too By the crowd at the time Presentation of the composition And during the meeting Every time he touched the ball.

Neymar doubled the lead in the 52nd minute. After using the pass Ashraf Hakim, After turning Morocco Lionel Messi, But he still didn’t survive the beeps.

The goal was scored by A. A mixture of whistles and applause; However, the crowd rightly noted when: The third goal was scored by ParedesLeft foot almost after the penalty kick.

For the first time since 1991, Bordeaux has come one step closer to decline.

(According to Reuters)

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