Perspective | As Manager K’s exit approaches, the legendary rivalry between Duke and North Carolina prepares for a seismic shift …

Perspective |  As Manager K’s exit approaches, the legendary rivalry between Duke and North Carolina prepares for a seismic shift …

The fact that Krzewski is the last of 42 seasons under Duke Duke is the main scenario this March. “I’m trying to get out of this,” he said after the Blue Devils beat Miami 80-76 in the first semifinal here. He cannot and cannot.

To Krzewski’s left – here at the ACC tournament, then at the NCAA tournament on Sunday, all season – sat John Sheyer. This year, Davis was entrusted with half of North Carolina’s signature competition in the sport. Next year, Shearer will take over half of Duke’s bumper. რა What will happen next?

“John Shearer will be Duke’s next really good coach,” Krzewski said on Friday night. He said.

After all, it is a gamble. On Saturday night, Krzhevski will train his 16th title in this tournament. If Sheer and Davis had trained in 16 of these tournaments, their era would have been successful. Davis’ first series of finals ended Friday night, losing 72-59 to Virginia Tech. The history and intensity of the competition will remain. His face is changing.

If Shier had coached in 16 of these tournaments, his performance would have been successful. Pending a semi-final result between Tar Heels and Virginia Tech late Friday, Krzewski and Shearer could face Davis for the first time in such a scene. The history and intensity of the competition will remain. His face is changing.

ACC is the rare college conference that still likes basketball more than football, a sport that encompasses much of the college sports landscape as college sports provide much of its income. Therefore, the main part of the conference has long been the permanent people coaching men’s basketball, not only in their most important programs, but also at the bottom of the rankings.

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Dean Smith was already king when Krzewski arrived and the pair had been fighting for two decades. Roy Williams eventually established himself as a long-term successor to Chapel Hill, and he and Krzewski fought for similar players following exactly the same bets. Krzewski will be praised more than any other men’s coach named Wooden for his five national titles next month. Interestingly, after Williams’ arrival at the Alma Mater in 2003, the national title number was written: Tar Heels three, Blue Devils two.

This is the historical part of everything and it is in everything. What Sheer expects next year and his first season in which Williams will replace Davis is to follow a certain combination of cultivating one’s own identity and traditions built by others. He rides this rope on the Brooklyn Bridge. There is no grill underneath.

“I believe in who Carolina is,” Davis said ahead of the season. “Only then did it come to our attention. Control. It has been successful. I believe Coach Smith taught. I think he taught me Coach Gatrigi. I trust how coach Williams manages the program.

“I have already said that I want to go the same way. I will do it alone and with my shoes “.

These shoes are Jordan Brands, by the way, the most famous sneakers named after the most famous player in history: a tare heel. ᲐRavitary pressure.

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Davis’s assessment of the mission is perfectly reasonable. Too delicate to remove. Carolina has a more recent example of how difficult – impossible? – This should be done without tactile seams or even direct tears of the program fabric.

This story is worth taking a look at. Retiring the day before the 1997-98 season, Smith was traded to Bill Gatridge, who was honored with his longtime assistant. The reveal of the last two and four of the cast in three seasons opened the curtain a bit on the cracks that were beginning to develop at the center of the program. When Williams, then the Kansas manager, initially turned down a job at Alma Mater, the Carolina family turned to Matt Dohert, one of Jordan’s teammates on Smith’s 1982 national championship team.

Dohert came from the Carolina fabric. But when he tried to put his bold footprint on the program, he brought in a completely new coaching staff, etc. – Weakened the feathers and weakened the support. The result: three exciting seasons that began with the nation’s top spot ended with the worst 8-20 seasons in the program’s history, but with a recruiting class that was the foundation of the program. The 2005 Williams team led the national championship.

That doesn’t mean that’s what Davis or Shearer is waiting for. But this is education. He also points out that there are changes in the two programs that are the backbone of the league, but the differences in managerial status are almost in the entire league.

Consider the 1989-90 season, when the ACC boasted of six coaches who made it last or last school of four – Smith and Krzewski, sure, but Bobby Cremins of Georgia Tech, Terry Holland, Virginia. Jim Valvano in NC and Gary Williams in Maryland. That’s three-quarters of the coaches in this eight-team league. Yes, this is a specific snapshot from that time and has been around for over thirty years. But nearly all the ACC shows had coaches calling them: Dave Odom and Skip Procer in Wake Forest, Cliff Ellis and Rick Barnes in Clemson, etc.

When Roy Williams is gone and Krzewski is inevitable, Syracuse Jim Bohemian and Leonard Hamilton of Florida are considered the former leaders of the league. These are 77 and 73 respectively. The end may not be here. But close. Bohemia and Virginia Tony Bennett are the only remaining ACC coaches in the last four of their current schedules for the 2022-23 season. (Miami’s Jim Laranaga coached George Mason for the last four of 2006, five years before heading into hurricanes.)

Williams retired without a win. Krzewski is now trying to protect his team from being hit. Anyway, the legends could not go quietly, without influence.

“That’s a lot,” Krzewski said Friday night as he sat next to freshman Age Griffin and Paolo Banchero and freshman Mark Williams. “This They Season. It’s all about them. This. I don’t want to be a distraction for them. This is their season, especially now. Especially now. They only take it once. I have experienced it many times “.

But it ends, Saturday night for the ACC championship, then Sunday and then for the biggest prize, it will be the last time. Next year will be John Shyer and Hubert Davis’ first. The shirts, the colors, the fight songs, the competition will remain. The most significant figures will be different and therefore it cannot be said how different these two programs are.

Source: Washington Post