Eleanor Roosevelt scores surprise, Churchill wins her semifinal to organize showdown for men’s 4A crown –

Eleanor Roosevelt scores surprise, Churchill wins her semifinal to organize showdown for men’s 4A crown –

Game over. Eleanor Roosevelt will head to the Maryland 4A Championship game on Saturday at 8pm, where she will face Churchill at Xfinity Center’s College Park.

Howard Girls Basketball wins the long-awaited 44th consecutive title

“I was pretty nervous there,” Elder James Rice said. “I think we played a pretty solid defense, but when they booed I thought we were going to really steal.”

The Raiders (18-5) struggled from 10 points in the second half to face the Bulldogs (23-1), who beat the Midi 55-50 in the second semifinal at Wise High on Wednesday. In the upper Marlborough.

Young striker Tre Stott, who demanded a ransom after fighting on the pitch in January, kept Churchill 18 points ahead. Young defenders Isaiah Mbeng and Zeke Avit scored 13 and 10 points respectively.

Back in Bensville, Eleanor Roosevelt fans and reserve players kicked off the team’s five starters, while the remaining fans in the stands transformed into an arena favorite singing team. Na Na Hey Hey, say hello. “

Top Seed Parkville (24-1) struck a late lead and took a 31-29 lead at half time, and it looks like the Knights will finish fourth-seeded Roosevelt in the third quarter. The Raiders made some unequivocal mistakes and took the lead 43-33 with Parkville 12-4, about four minutes into the third quarter.

From there, the riders found their feet and began to recover from the lack.

“This is what we have been doing all season,” said Brendan O’Connell, Eleanor Roosevelt’s coach. “We have not ruined the teams as we have done in previous years and consequently the teams are running away and we have had to respond appropriately, starting with our defense.”

Eleanor Roosevelt did just that, stopping the previously unbeaten knights by 12 away points. On Wednesday, Parkville scored no less than 60 points in a game all season; This meant an average of 80 points per night.

With 7 seconds left, 57-55, Eleanor Roosevelt’s head moved to Jalen Payne’s spot and the game froze. Although he was the leader of his team with 16 points, he missed both shots.

Parkville announced a timeout and Rice gave persistent Payne a shortcut.

“I tried to recruit him as one of our leaders and I knew we were going to win anyway,” said Rice, who scored eight goals. “We wear hats all year to be a defensive team; I knew we could make another stop. “

Roosevelt will win the state championship for the fifth time and for the fourth time under O’Connell. Greenbelt School recently won the Maryland State Championship in 2019. Churchill won his only 4A crown in 1978.

“Honestly, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re going to play a great Saturday night in Maryland,” O’Connell said. He said. “Incredibly blessed.”

Source: Washington Post