Bochum 0, Bayern Munich 7: Lewandowski is not missed

Bayern continued to amplify their Bundesliga wins after steaming Bochum in a match that ended in a resounding 7-0 thrashing.

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann made three changes to the starting line-up from the previous two games. The three new starters, Leroy Sané, Mattjis De Ligth and Kingsley Coman, scored the first three goals.

The win also leaves Bayern as the only leader after Borussia Dortmund lost 3-2 to Werder Bremen yesterday.

Bochum took to the field with a daring plan, trying to match the Bavarian team, pushing high and looking for quick arrivals in the area on the wings. But in Bayern’s first attack, Leroy Sané, who received a pass into the penalty area from Kingsley Coman at the end of a good combination, shot the ball into the top corner with a right-handed shot.

The third minute of the game was played and Sané’s goal was largely ahead of what would become the game in the first half. A generous Bochum, trying to play offensively, and an absolutely ruthless Bayern in the opposite penalty area.

Bochum had arrivals, played well in the area, showed high morale and showed no signs of vigilance after Sane’s goal, but they didn’t win a prize and meanwhile Bayern’s goals fell like ripe fruit.

In the 25th, Matthis De Light scored the second with a header to the far post from a Joshua Kimmich corner from the left wing.

In 33 came the third, with Coman’s signature. The game started with a ball Kimmich pushed into the area and Cristian Gamboa tried to head back to goalkeeper Manuel Riemman. Thomas Müller crossed, Riemann stopped his shot but the rebound was left to Coman who scored with a first class low shot.

The game remained the first leg and again Bayern was the team that had the best part in exchanging blows.

Sadio Mane scored the fourth in minute 42 with a left shot into the area after a dribble and a pass from Coman.

In the second half, Bayern looked for the fifth to arrive in the 59th minute, with a penalty converted by Mané and caused by a foul against Coman in the penalty area. Earlier there were already opportunities for Kimmch, Coman and Sané.

The two teams moved the bench, the intensity eased a bit, but Bayern continued to score goals. In minute 69, the sixth came through Gamboa’s own goal and in minute 76 Serge Gnabry closed the bill with a cross into the area.

Also with 7-0 on the scoreboard, Bochum continued to show offensive attempts. Most notable was a shot by Simon Zoller that changed Neuer’s direction against the post.

Source: El heraldo