Adani jab vs Allegri: “It’s not a question of being good or bad if you don’t cross half the field”

Adani jab vs Allegri: “It’s not a question of being good or bad if you don’t cross half the field”

Juventus at the beginning of the season are not convinced with their offensive proposal and Adani threw his jab at Massimiliano Allegri.

Author: Vito Lamorte

There Juventus Not convincing. Many observers did not like the bianconeri team in the first matches of the season and on more than one occasion many fans of the Old lady they turned up their noses at the boys performance Massimiliano Allegri. And the coach ended up in the dock for a change.

There is also a clear division among Juventus fans also with regard to the credit of the Livorno coach, who after the first fantastic cycle finds himself dealing with a very different team, both for technical qualities and for temperament, and an environment that wants win again after the two years in which the Scudetto passed the Milanese shirts.

It’s been months, if not years, since after each Juve match the social choir of #AllegriOut and after each victory everything is reorganized but the current problem of the Juventus team goes far beyond the fans and the divisions about the situation of the coach.

The Juventus game disappeared and also in Florence there was an obvious difficulty despite the Bianconeri having immediately found the advantage goal with Milik: the Pole’s will be the only kick in the mirror of the match and in the second half the Old lady he will never kick the goal. Numbers that created a great debate in the following hours and with a delicate match like that of PSG to prepare.

Daniele Adani spoke to Bobo TV and clearly commented on Juventus’ disappointing game at Franchi: “You can argue about being handsome or winning, but it’s not a question of being handsome or ugly if you can’t even get past the halfway point. Juve had four shots in five seconds, Cremonese had more in Roma in just one match. Allegri’s signs have been clear for some time, the Bianconeri have a lot of top players and they are certainly not the problem.”

The reference to Allegri’s words in recent weeks is clear (‘I’d rather be a winner and not pretty’), but the Rai columnist could not fail to underline the difficulties that Juve is having in this first part of the year, not least because he is convinced that the Juventus squad is much stronger than it is considered.

Pogba’s operation and Di Maria’s problems won’t help Allegri improve the quality of the game, but a different attitude from the one seen in recent weeks is mandatory if your name is Juventus FC.

Source: Fan Page IT