Spalletti urgently operated after an accident: “Thanks to the mole who broke the news”

Spalletti urgently operated after an accident: “Thanks to the mole who broke the news”

Luciano Spalletti was operated on in Milan for a broken collarbone reported on Sunday morning: he spoke about it at the conference on the eve of Napoli-Liverpool.

Author: Vito Lamorte

accident for Luciano Spalletti on the eve of the race Champions League between Napoli and Liverpool. After an accidental fall, the Azzurri coach fractured his collarbone this Sunday morning and underwent surgery. Milan yesterday before returning tonight to the capital of Campania.

Certaldo’s coach was unable to follow this morning’s finishing training but presented himself for the press conference on the eve of his debut in the main European competition and also spoke of the injury: “I had an accident on Sunday morning when I was coming to Castel Volturno for Sirigu and Demme: I suffered a broken collarbone. I told our doctors, it was lunch time. I was in pain, we went to the Pineta Grande clinic to do the tests: on the X-rays we found a fracture in the collarbone. Through Dr. Canonico and Dr. De Luca got in touch with the referral we have for shoulder problems, Dr. Castagna. The head doctor of Traumatology at Humanitas in Milan made me available where they were very kind. I checked and arrived in Milan at 4 am: they were there waiting for me, at 11:30 am they found me a space to operate. I left at 3:00 pm, I was discharged yesterday at 7:00 pm and through a friend I managed to return to Castel Volturno, this evening at 3:30 pm. I just missed training yesterday. I also wanted to thank the Mole at the Training Center who spread the word, there are specimens that live for these things here.”

In the last few hours, news had spread about Spalletti’s condition, but there was nothing official and confirmed: since the arrival of the coach at the conference, and from his words, everything has taken a different form in relation to some reconstructions that had been made.

Regarding the match, Spalletti focused on the news circulating about the physical condition of the lozano AND Osimhen: “Lozano is available. Osimhen, let’s see, let’s decide in the morning. Yesterday he didn’t train, today he made a difference. So if tomorrow morning he’s good at trying to kick and do things harder, then he’ll be available.”.

The Napoli coach wanted to caress his players with words of praise for his team: “You can do all the tasks well, but these players can always bring the game that puts you in difficulty. You should always be at your max, even when the ball is out of bounds. Last week, we said that we don’t know the reaction of the team. team after an empty pass like with Lecce, but these players showed that to us. It’s a team that will make Maradona fall in love again, because they train well and are made up of players who have an unbridled passion for the ball, for the game, for the team. Tomorrow they will play a great match redoing the behavior seen against Lazio.”

Source: Fan Page IT