Champions Real Madrid win, but lose Benzema through injury

Champions Real Madrid win, but lose Benzema through injury

With the ability to suffer when the rival’s impulse demands it and with confidence in his punch that will take rivals down with deadly moves, Real Madrid embarked on a new defense of the European crown, with Celtic’s no-goal insolence being punished with goals from Vinicius , Luka Modric and Eden Hazard, on a night that causes concern around Karim Benzema.

There is no worse scenario for Real Madrid than an injury to Benzema. The great reference, undisputed leader in goals and football who inspires those around him. The magnitude is reaching such a point that those who rule the club haven’t even considered signing a ‘9’ like Haaland. Not for the money, but because no one is competing with the Frenchman at the height of his career. Everyone is crossing their fingers after seeing him leave Celtic Park heartbroken.

When the worst news Ancelotti could get, the acute pain in his right knee that kept him from following Benzema, Real Madrid had already felt the pressure of an unashamed team like Celtic. He has little or nothing to lose on his return to the most prestigious competition and went out to dinner with the defending champions. High pressure, devilish rhythm, instant play. Without any kind of complex.

Less than 25 seconds had passed and Real Madrid had already sensed the danger. The first blocked shot from a Militao that multiplied in defense. While Modric and Kroos are the players to rely on when you have a small ball. Those of ‘Carletto’ lacked speed in possession in the first act and scared the rival off. All that showcased in the second.

It’s when Vinícius asks for a lead, able to change the course of a game with a career. Benzema didn’t finish his center well, he wasn’t very good in the last few appointments and the injury finished him off. Celtic found in Jota what Real Madrid did with ‘Vini’. His vision in the pass ensured that Abada was the first to be free. Giakoumakis put down central defenders and his teammates came in like bullets.

Ever-present, Hatate tested the firmness of the fists of the Madrid goalkeeper who allied himself with fortune with a shot that was impossible to stop. McGregor’s left-handed whiplash was warded off by the wood and Militao took another goal-scented action that landed on the side of the net. Because warning was enough. Real Madrid is always on their feet with that special competitive character they show off in the ‘Champions’.

To the point where without Karim and with Hazard’s coldness, the Belgian forgave most obviously for lack of precision with everything to score after Carvajal’s center and Vinicius went back in time to forgive what he wasn’t allowed in clear heads up against him goalkeeper, from which Hart emerged victorious.

The answer was given in the closing stages of the first act and had to be confirmed in the second when Ancelotti turned to Rüdiger for another annoyance from the most prominent player in the back, Militao. It was born with a scare, the latter, as Maeda pardoned everything to score before the king of Europe showed his power to place a new pike in a land he had not conquered.

Once he dominated the game from the ball and controlled his rival, he found the target. Decisive Fede Valverde in a start that combines power and quality. The one with the cue to release glued to the belt, finding Hazard’s continuity and giving a tense pass on the arrival of Vinicius. Now he positioned his body well and sent the ball into the net on the run and clear of a mark to give the game a knock.

There was no response from a Celtic team who felt that everything they had sought for so many minutes had been received in a gesture of quality from Real Madrid. And ‘dizzy’ from the blow got the penalty three minutes later, when Modric brought his right foot out.

A devastating Real Madrid that fired half of his shots between the sticks as Hazard’s resurrection was yet to come, the moment the Belgian got his smile back as he scored the third. Kroos’ gauntlet in the service of the band where Carvajal’s umpteenth raise found the right price in the gift of aid to Eden. The best news amid concerns for Benzema.

Source: El heraldo