Paranaense van Scolari qualifies for the Copa Libertadores final

Paranaense van Scolari qualifies for the Copa Libertadores final

scholarshipwho was unable to lead his team on Tuesday after being sent off in the first leg, led Palmeiras to the 1999 title and won the first with Gremio four years earlier.

The hosts, forced to win after a 1-0 defeat in Curitiba, took the lead after three minutes when a combination between Bruno Tabata and Ze Rafael exploited by Scarpa.

Portugal’s captains Abel Ferreira kept up the pressure and with Dudú, Ze Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa himself cornering Paranaense, who tried to counterattack with Vítor Roque and bet on the exit on Khellven’s side.

In the first half, Rony and Bruno Tabata were close to expanding, but goalkeeper Bento neutralized the skirmishes.

Defender Murilo was sent off in the first 45 minutes before half-time, leaving Palmeiras with one player less for the rest of the game.

In the second half, also early, Gómez gave Palmeiras the lead after 54 minutes on a throw-in from Marcos Rocha.

When everything seemed in favor of Palmeiras to reach the third consecutive final, the reaction came from Paranaense.

At 63 minutes, the newly entered Pablo discounted after a previous game by Thiago Heleno and Vitinho.

In the partial 2-1, Palmeiras had to widen the difference to not have to go from the penalty spot to the definition, but the attacks by Rony, Gustavo Scarpa and Gómez were always stopped by the visitor.

The equalizer, which marked the standings of Paranaense, came in the 84th minute with Terans, after a combination with Pablo and a long shot that hit a defender earlier, leaving goalkeeper Wéverton no chance.

Athlético Paranaense awaits in the final, which will be played on October 29 in Ecuadorian Guayaquil, the winner of the semi-final between Flamengo from Rio de Janeiro and Argentinian Vélez Sarsfield.

Source: El heraldo