Haaland is a Champions League scoring machine, but Sevilla scoffs at City: the embarrassing figure

Haaland is a Champions League scoring machine, but Sevilla scoffs at City: the embarrassing figure

In their Champions League debut, City mistreated Sevilla, with a wild Haaland (two). But the Spanish club took revenge in private, published some data that put the English in the hatch.

Author: Alessio Pediglieri

Erling Haaland picked up where he left off with Dortmund’s colors: scoring. The Norwegian phenomenon continues with exceptional performances, maintaining an impressive goal average and even against Sevilla he scored on two occasions. A true goalscoring machine that launched her to Guardiola’s Manchester City were an easy success. But who had the last word, despite the resounding home defeat by 4-0, were the Spanish fans and Sevilla. By publishing a fact that embarrassed the English club.

Obviously, in the official debut with his new shirt, Haaland took over the entire Pizjuán scene in Seville, almost immediately opening the scoreboard (at 20′) of English easy poker in Lopetegui’s team, against which at 67′ he placed his second personal stamp before leaving the field in favor of Alvarez. Another show of strength and quality for the 22-year-old from Leeds who has already scored 12 goals (and one assist) in 9 games in progress since the start of the season, in addition to other goals with the Norway shirt, confirming himself as an absolute level striker who is sure to make City’s fortunes in the Premier League and Europe.

However, even in the face of so much class and skill, in Seville the Norwegian flyer along with the other protagonists of the Champions League goal did not find the same response from his fans, who arrived for the cup debut in Seville, with a small group of fans in tow. So few that it aroused general astonishment to such an extent that it did not want to go unnoticed even by the hosts who took the opportunity to make fun of us on social networks on their official accounts.

774. That’s the number that put Manchester City in utter embarrassment and that almost overshadowed the success that indicates Guardiola’s team is a real contender for the final victory. AND 774 were the lucky few English fans who were able to watch Haaland’s goal show, despite – in accordance with UEFA regulations – the city was given 2,300 seats at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium. The official account, in English, of Sevilla did not miss the opportunity and dropped the classic load, having fun highlighting the figure, which soon went viral: “There are 38,764 participants today, including 774 Man City fans”all as a corollary of an image of the Spanish fans in the stadium.

Such a small number of fans in tow, obviously aroused the hilarity of many users underlining a trend that has always accompanied Manchester City: despite having been one of the most successful clubs in England for the last ten years, and having entered Europe’s football elite, it is regularly derided for its chronic lack of supporters, so much which in England many opposing fans sarcastically call the “Etihad Stadium” the “Emptyhad Stadium”.

A profound irony immediately spread across social media: “Clear proof that, apart from winning, losing or drawing, City will never be as big as United.” “Sevilla ridiculed City with this post”. “I thought it was a parody account, but it’s all true.” “I like how humiliating this is, they were destroyed too.”

Meanwhile, Haaland continued his sensational start to the season in a show that is already becoming all too common for City fans. Also receiving final praise from a more than enthusiastic Guardiola: “His numbers, throughout his career to date, even in previous teams, are quite similar. Erling has an incredible sense of purpose. We have incredible numbers in terms of goals and we must continue”. But perhaps reviewing fans in tow: 774 is actually a bit ‘few’.

Source: Fan Page IT