Tuchel in shock, liquidated by Chelsea with video call: the complicity of the players

Tuchel in shock, liquidated by Chelsea with video call: the complicity of the players

Thomas Tuchel was released from Chelsea via a video call. The reconstruction of what happened and the reasons for the separation.

Author: Marco Beltrami

The exemption from Thomas Tuchel for Chelsea shocked the football world. Certainly the seasonal results and in particular the last heavy knockout in the Champions League against Dinamo Zagreb have not proved in his favor, but as it is the start of the season and considering the German’s blues curriculum, the choice becomes absolutely drastic. Behind all this, in addition to Chelsea’s performance, there is also something else, namely the deteriorating relationship with both the new ownership and the dressing room. This last division inevitably contributed decisively to the split that materialized in a surprising way for the former Borussia Dortmund and PSG player.

As? With a phone call. The co-owners of the consortium that acquired Chelsea, Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali they were in Zagreb yesterday and made the decision in the evening. The first in particular had differences with the coach in recent months, especially in the market choices and especially with regard to the potential arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. The coach vetoed the issue and never wanted to justify his “no” to Boehly’s requests. Tuchel was exasperated after Chelsea’s new No 1 also empowered him in negotiations following the farewell of the badly digested coach of Granovskaia and Cech, key collaborators of former owner Abramovich.

This created a climate of confusion, which also affected the market of a Chelsea that in any case spent 273 million in 10 purchases. The problem, however, is that this situation also had direct consequences on Tuchel’s behavior in the locker room. even here indeed something has deteriorated, with so many players questioning their choices. The climate became very heavy, according to the revelations of some sources to the English tabloids: generally hot and permissive, Tuchel became hard, distant, with increasingly poor communication. After the trip to Croatia, Mount revealed: “tuchel? He didn’t say much after the game”.

In this scenario, therefore, Boehly and his partners decided to switch with Potter in pole position for the replacement. A decision brutally communicated to the German coach. In fact, according to rumors coming from London, Tuchel appeared every morning regularly at the sports center, having canceled his parents’ day of rest. However, no trace of the players, with the facilities deserted and the expected coach from a video call. In connection with Chelsea leaders who literally finished him off in 10 minutes.

Tuchel’s attempts to change Boehly’s mind were futile, asking for a second chance. The decision had already been taken with all due respect by a shocked Tuchel, asked to step down. All in a surreal atmosphere, and without even crossing players. A situation that suggests that the team already knew about the exemption, previously warned by the direction and, therefore, could be an accomplice. Many of them, therefore, would not be particularly disappointed by the split.

Source: Fan Page IT