“This morning I woke up sleepy; I missed an hour of sleep”

“This morning I woke up sleepy; I missed an hour of sleep”

“Very fast runners arrived, so I had to be careful. Of those who were in the breakaway, I was the only one with options in the general classification, so I had to spend more. In the absence of a few meters I saw the opportunity to close beautifully. We were able to get a very nice stage for my team and my career,” he added.

At the same time, he emphasized that the team was under a lot of pressure as they have not won a single victory in this edition of the Vuelta so far. “There was a lot of pressure, the points first, we hadn’t won a stage and for me I had the chance to win a stage on the way back and thus have one stage left from each stage, which means a lot to every rider to to have a podium in each of the big three.

Finally, he assured that “this triumph means that we must always believe, fight. Sometimes we see the results far away, but the most important thing is to wake up every day with a good attitude. If the result comes, very happy, and if it doesn’t come, just as happy because we tried,” he concluded.

Source: El heraldo