Inzaghi saw another Inter-Bayern: “I don’t remember Onana’s important saves”

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi, after the clear defeat in the Champions League against Bayern Munich, seemed forgotten on live TV: Onana is the best among the Nerazzurri, but for him he didn’t make decisive saves.

Author: Michele Mazzeo

Debut in Champions League for theInter who is defeated at San Siro by an overflowing Bayern Monaco with a net 2-0 which, from what was seen in the field it’s close to the germans that, playing at much higher rates in terms of intensity, they controlled the match dominating for long stretches. In addition to two goals scored (Sané’s first goal which later also led to the double, forcing D’Ambrosio to send the ball into the goal), in fact they were many scoring opportunities created by the German team that only for the bad aim of your attackers and for the parades of an excellent Onana (on the Nerazzurri’s debut) did not turn into goals.

However, Inter coach Simone Inzaghi does not seem to be of the same opinion. who, analyzing the match through the Sky Sport microphones, beat his own in the first 20 minutes and for the first goal conceded (for which there seems to be a co-responsibility between D’Ambrosio and Dumfries who lost Sané in Kimmich’s throw), while appearing almost satisfied with what his men did after the handicap:

The first 20 minutes were really tight. We found an extraordinary and intense team. Certainly one of the strongest in Europe. In the first goal we had to do better, then we improved – said the Nerazzurri coach after the defeat at home against Bayern Munich –. We create a lot of situations by missing the last step. We had to do better on the first goal. We had to cover Kimmich’s ball, so Sane scores a great goal. But we definitely had to do better. against teams like this – he continued – you have to be perfect and on that occasion we were not“.

When it is then pointed out that Bayern Munich have actually created much more than Inter by coming close to scoring multiple times, Simone Inzaghi reiterates the concept expressed earlier by underlining (mistakenly) as your goalkeeper (which instead has for his important saves, he was the best of his team) did not need to make major interventions during the match:

Tonight I don’t remember Onana’s great saves when playing against people like Sané, Coman and Mané but we had to do better on the first goal because we are making a lot of mistakes, in the derby, for example, we lost two goals“was in fact the comment of Simone Inzaghi, who was obviously distracted by all the 9 times his goalkeeper had to intervene to ensure that the result did not take on more mortifying proportions for his team.

Source: Fan Page IT