Bayern play another sport, Inter surrenders at San Siro: Champions League on the rise

Bayern play another sport, Inter surrenders at San Siro: Champions League on the rise

A bitter Champions League debut for Inter clearly defeated at home by an overflowing Bayern Munich: at San Siro it ends 2-0 for the Germans who didn’t give the Nerazzurri a chance.

Author: Michele Mazzeo

It opens with a heavy defeat at home there Champions League 2022-2023 ofInter by Simone Inzaghi annihilated in San Siro by a Bayern Monaco it seemed clearly superior in quality, but above all in intensity. O 2-0 signed by a goal by Sané and an own goal by D’Ambrosio, it makes it even more difficult for the Nerazzurri in the competition with Barcelona, ​​which in the other group C match shuffled the Czechs of Viktoria Plzen at Camp Nou (which in the next round will receive the Milanese ).

It was clear from the first minutes of the game that it would not be an easy night for Inter, when only thanks to a great onana (preferred for Handanovic and the official debut with the Nerazzurri) managed to keep his slate clean. While Inzaghi’s men have only sporadic restarts from the Dzeko-Lautaro team, as the minutes go by the germans definitely take the reins of the game furious in the Trocar and harassing the goal defended tonight by the Cameroonian (by far the best among the hosts).

at 25′ the defensive wall erected by Inter fell: at the release of Kimmich, D’Ambrosio and Dumfries are lost Leroy Sané that after a valuable control enters the area, circumvents the hitherto unsurpassed Onana and deposit the ball 1-0 in the goal. The advantage goal does not extinguish the vigor of the German team that continues to play drum rhythms keeping the Nerazzurri rear in constant apprehension supported only by the parades of their goalkeeper and the poor aim of Nagelsmann’s forwards.

At the beginning of the second half, Inter seems to have returned to the field with a different attitude and for a few minutes she manages to become dangerous alongside a hitherto idle Neuer (with Dzeko deflecting under the goal that scares the Teutonic defender), however, leaving the flank uncovered for the Germans’ counterattacks. Little by little, however, the Nerazzurri’s verve fades and that’s it. Bayern Munich dominate the game again effectively closing the match with the 2-0 net reached the end of a prolonged lightning exchange between Coman and Sané whose cross shot comes Sent to your door by D’Ambrosio desperate to get the ball.

Bayern continue to rage still forcing Onana into extra time only to relax only in the closing minutes when that is Inter with newcomers Correa and Dimarco are close to scoring 2-1 that, if nothing else, would make a defeat less bitter that smacks of a severe lesson.

Source: Fan Page IT