Gattuso forced to leave Como: “He needs to rest, we don’t know how long it will take”

Gattuso forced to leave Como: “He needs to rest, we don’t know how long it will take”

Giacomo Gattuso will no longer be Como’s coach. In an official note, the club made it known that it is a decision of mutual agreement, but not of exemption. The coach needs a period of time to rest.

Author: Fabrizio Rinelli

O As AND Giacomo Gattuso they divide, but not in the true sense of the word. Yes, because the Lombard club’s press release announcing the separation of its coach does not speak of exemption. What happened today with the official note issued by the company is actually just the epilogue of an ending that seemed already written. for a few days indeed Gattuso was not present at trainingMe enough to go to the bench only in the opening match against Cagliari. There was always a deep respect around her situation, but it was clear that something wasn’t going in the right direction. In fact, today’s Como press release confirms this thesis.

“As 1907, according to Giacomo Gattuso, announces that the coach will need an extended rest period – reads club note – Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to establish how long it will take for the coach to fully recover and therefore, in the interests of the team and the season, the club is obliged to evaluate all possible solutions”. Stress, fatigue, in short, as it should be, there is maximum reserve in the conditions of the Como coach who was not exonerated, but will only observe a break period. “Jack Gattuso remains an integral part of the Como family, for what he has done and for what he will do for the Club in the future” in fact, Como confirms in the final part of its press release.

At the moment, Gattuso’s position is on standby waiting for new developments and above all waiting for his conditions to be re-established. As it is already evaluating possible substitutes with the name of Luca D’Angelo at this time in poland take the reins of a team that can count on a company with solid economic bases and a squad made up of players of the caliber of Fabregas and Cutrone. Gattuso was close to the team for the last time during training to finishing in view of the game out of frosinone.

Throughout the week, the top management and the coach himself met to find a solution that would satisfy both parties and, above all, deal with this matter with all the delicacy of the case. That’s why Como decided to bet on a new name that doesn’t just serve as a simple replacement for Gattuso, or a boatman waiting for his return, but that an authentic leader with full powers capable of deciding in complete freedom all the movements to be implemented for the good of the team from all points of view.

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