Pegula drinks beer at the conference and leaves everyone stunned at the US Open: “But it’s for a good reason”

US Open 2022

Jessica Pegula at the US Open surprised everyone at a press conference after the game with Iga Swiatek. The house tennis player introduced herself to the microphones with a beer.

Author: Marco Beltrami

US Open 2022

There are defeats and defeats. Difficult to digest, for example, that of Jessica Pégula, albeit in the presence of world number one Iga Swiatek. Comparing the quarter-finals of the US Open, the home tennis player, despite the support of the public, gave in in two sets to pole, launching six breaks marked. Leading in both sets, Pegula was betrayed by her serve, as confirmed by the very low percentage of 59% of the first balls. In addition to being one of the most correct players on the circuit, the American born in 1994 is also appreciated for her impeccable attitude.

That’s exactly why everyone was surprised at the post-match press conference, when Pegula came to the microphones to try to tell what was wrong in the match against Swiatek. It’s impossible not to notice in front of her, a can of beer. The number 8 player in the world was therefore cooling off in front of everyone with an alcoholic drink, something unusual for an athlete. In fact, we often see players struggling with water, energy drinks or the like.

In fact, this is what athletes often need, to recharge after activity. The beer immediately caught the attention of everyone present, and obviously a question about Jessica Pegula’s curious choice couldn’t be missed. Why was he drinking that product? The tennis player’s first response provoked the joy of those present: “Beer? I’m trying to pee… even if it helps alleviate the defeat!“.

Therefore, the main reason for the choice is linked to the need to undergo an anti-doping test. With beer, Pegula tried to speed up the diuresis. In this way, however, he sympathetically combined business with pleasure, as underlined in the second part of his answer. Incidentally, the alcoholic drink also had another function, that of perhaps making her a little less lucid, softening the idea of ​​the knockout against Swiatek. And the video was also used by the official US Open profile who joked: “Jessica is all of us after a hard day at work“. However, it is better not to adopt certain habits, especially if you are a professional athlete…

Source: Fan Page IT