Judge Doesn’t Delay His Home Runs Against the Urshela Twins

Judge Doesn’t Delay His Home Runs Against the Urshela Twins

‘El Juez’ Judge, who homered for the fourth day in a row, surpassed Alex Rodriguez, who had 54 bills with the Yankees in 2007, as the righthanded batter with the most homeruns in the history of the New York team.

In the history of the 27-time Major League champion, only Babe Ruth (60-1927) and Roger Marris (61-1961) surpass the star lugger in total homeruns in a season and both were left-handed batters.

The Yankees started the game low on the scoreboard after Puerto Rican first baseman José Miranda (14) fired a shot that went over the left field fence and gave up two runs against Dominican Domingo Germán, who started pitching for the Yankees from New York.

Dominican Gilberto Celestino was responsible for extending the lead (0-3) in the fourth installment with an unquestionable one-lap ride.

Judge destroyed a pitch from pitcher Louie Varland, with the ball hitting the left field stand of Yankee Stadium, putting the hosts on the scoreboard and narrowing the deficit (1-3) to two runs.

The game remained unchanged until the sixth inning, when Venezuelan Gleyber Torres (19) sent the ball out of the park with a runner on the paths to tie the plays (3-3).

Source: El heraldo