Mihajlovic’s wife moved by De Zerbi’s big refusal: “After Sinisa I can’t do it”

Mihajlovic’s wife moved by De Zerbi’s big refusal: “After Sinisa I can’t do it”

In a post shared on Instagram, Arianna Rapaccioni wanted to dedicate a private message to the former Sassuolo and Shakhtar coach who didn’t want to take her husband’s place in Bologna: “With money you can’t buy everything”.

Author: Maurizio De Santis

Roberto De Zerbi refused to sit on the Bologna bench after Mihajlovic was sent off. The Serbian coach’s wife dedicated a message to him.

There are some aspects of the story Sinisa Mihajlovic that strike. the choice of bologna firing him after five days, net of a renewed team and certainly not in the front row, feeds the suspicion that in reality the trust in him had been exhausted. And there it can be. Why confirm then and not start from scratch right away, with a new experience?

A question that will remain unanswered. Or maybe the reason is there, the people directly involved know it. For some things, it is enough to look into each other’s eyes and smell the sensations that are around to understand even the unsaid. Whatever it is, the management leaves great bitterness in the coach’s heart and words. And here comes the second point, when he says “I’m not a hypocrite, I didn’t understand this exemption” gives a good idea of ​​the surprise and – even more – of the prejudiced situation in which it operated.

Sinisa Mihajlovic alongside his wife, Arianna Rapaccioni.
Sinisa Mihajlovic alongside his wife, Arianna Rapaccioni.

“I find it difficult to think that all this depends only on the last results or the classification and it is not a decision that was taken a long time ago”, he says in the letter in which he congratulated the city, the fans, the management for the affection received in a delicate and important moment of his career as a coach and of his life for the disease against which he fights (and wins). He thanked everyone, starting with the company, but “with some legal exclusion of me”… another passage that suggests that sense of creeping distrust that never left him. “What a shame,” and greets you with his head held high.

Instead, Bologna chose Thiago Motta, ex Spezia. The decision was made after fruitless contacts with Claudio Ranieri, with which no economic agreement was reached. Earlier he said no, very clearly, Roberto De Zerbi: he would have only accepted in case of Mihajlovic’s resignation, otherwise he would never have sat on the bench after his resignation.

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An unusual gesture, but behind which there is great respect for the man and his colleague. A gesture that marked many and moved, in particular, Arianna Rapaccioni, wife of Sinisa. In a post on Instagram, he released a double message, the one contained in the photo and another that accompanies it.

In the first, aside from the kick that the two neighboring coaches see, he recounted the phrase of Sassuolo and Shakhtar’s ex (“I would like to but I can’t do it after Sinisa”) and a personal consideration: With money you can’t buy everything, with reference to to the dignity and depth of the coach who showed a sensitivity that few have at the time. In the second, he emphasizes the concept when talking about “two great men… I hope the young will take an example from the teachings of these two giants”.

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