The Queen who ‘arrived’ by parachute with James Bond at the Olympic stadium

The Queen who ‘arrived’ by parachute with James Bond at the Olympic stadium

Among the dozens of iconic images that comprise the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, Queen Elizabeth II, who died this Thursday, starred in an unforgettable episode in London’s 2012 edition, simulating entering the stadium from a helicopter, accompanied by James Bond.

On August 27, 2012, as the opening ceremony of the London Games was in full swing, the Olympic stadium screens erroneously projected a film showing the Queen at Buckingham Palace surrounded by her dogs.

Then the actor Daniel Craig, the James Bond of the time, appears on the scene and invites her to join him. They both board a helicopter flying over London on their way to the Olympic ring.

Arriving at the stadium, and while a real helicopter appears in the sky, the film simulates Isabel II and Agent 007 parachuting. Two people actually fall off the ship. Seconds later, the sovereign appears in flesh and blood in the coffin, dressed exactly the same as on the recording.

It was, the Queen said, “the first performance” of her life, who was then 86 years old.

The organizers clarified, just in case, it was actually two extras parachuted into Stratford Stadium, not the old Sovereign or the British actor.

It was one of the most surprising moments of the spectacular ceremony led by filmmaker Danny Boyle, in which Elizabeth II officially opened the Games.

Source: El heraldo