Settebello out of the European Championship by referee decision: “To beat us, they have to do things like this”

Settebello out of the European Championship by referee decision: “To beat us, they have to do things like this”

Settebello failed to reach the final of the 2022 European Championship in Split: Azzurri defeated 11-10 by Croatia, but the semi-final refereeing was questionable to say the least.

Author: Vito Lamorte

the path of Italian National water polo there Europeans 2022 from Split. Against Croatia the boys from Sandro Campagna surrendered to an incredible ‘home factor’ and an arbitration decision that guided the match in the final: the result in the end is 11-10 and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth that won’t be easy to get rid of.

The game was always very balanced but two minutes from the end there was a decision that defined ‘home’ by the referees and Croatia took advantage of a penalty practically on the gong but the charge in the blue was very evident. Nicosia. Under the goal Fatovic committed a clear foul on Nicosia, but a “ball under” was incredibly whistled by our goalkeeper and the “perfect crime” was sanctioned. Kharkov’s goal that put the score at 11-10 and ended the last hopes of the final. O azzurra they tried in every way but there was nothing to be done, especially after one more VAR at the end.

The Italian team played the usual game full of technique and speed, but it was not enough against a Croatia led by an incredible Bijac and with an unexpected protagonist Marinic.

After the match, Italy coach Sandro Campagna commented on the match in a nutshell: “This decision is a shame. To beat us they have to do things like that, otherwise it’s not easy.” The blue coach does not allow himself to be carried away by this type of comment, but the referee’s decision on the penalty at 95 seconds of the end of the match was very remarkable. Of Di Fulvio & co’s performance he stated: “We made a lot of mistakes in the decisive phase, a lot of players weren’t there, but it’s part of the growth path, it was the first European for many. There are errors. The boys are extraordinary, I am proud to coach them.”

Italy will have to make do with playing the final for third place against Spain on Saturday at 18:00, while Croatia will challenge defending champions Hungary for the continental title.

Source: Fan Page IT