Sensational break between Porsche and Red Bull, the deal for F1 2026 jumps: “There was a premise”

Sensational break between Porsche and Red Bull, the deal for F1 2026 jumps: “There was a premise”

The marriage between Red Bull and Porsche will not happen: negotiations for the partnership suddenly jumped from the 2026 Formula 1 World Championship. The disagreement on a point considered essential blew everything up.

Author: Michele Mazzeo

What looked like a marriage that was now set fell short just before reaching the altar. After the formalization of the agreement between Audi and Sauber, the one between Porsche and Red Bull given that the talks were very well under way (with the first bureaucratic steps already completed). On the eve of the 2022 Italian GP, ​​however, the resounding announcement: Porsche has actually communicated that talks to enter Formula 1 in partnership with Red Bull from 2026 (when the new era of Circus begins with new engines) are definitely burned.

The brief note issued by the historic German automaker leaves no room for interpretation: “In recent months, Porsche and Red Bull have been discussing the possibility of Porsche’s entry into Formula 1. The two companies have now jointly concluded that these negotiations will not continue.“are in fact the words used by the Teutonic brand to announce the break with the Austrian team that is close to winning its fifth Constructors’ World Championship and, with Max Verstappen, its sixth drivers’ title.

What now looked like a pact being defined (with the announcement that it should have taken place on the weekend of the Austrian GP on 10 July) is instead capsized due to a point on which it was impossible to reach agreementpoint that Porsche considered it essential for its entry into Formula 1.

In fact, the German company wanted the partnership with Red Bull to be the same, while the Austrian giant had no intention of giving up 50% of his team. Already the words released by the head of the team about this Christian Horner just a week ago, they hinted that the point of confrontation was just this:

Red Bull has always been an independent team and it is one of our strengths. He represented the backbone of what we have achieved and the ability to move forward quickly is part of our DNA. We are not an organization managed in the way of a company, this is one of our strengths and the way we manage the racing team: represents an absolute prerequisite for the future“in fact said the British manager during the Dutch GP weekend in Zandvoort, commenting on the stand-by of negotiations with Porsche.

The press release issued by the German company confirms that the reason for the separation with Red Bull is due precisely to the no agreement on the fact that the 50% partnership was not just about supplying the engines, but also about the entire management of the team: “The premise has always been that a partnership would be based on equal footing, which would include not just a partnership on the engines but also the team. Could not get it“continues the note issued by Porsche explaining the reasons for the break.

The failed deal with Red Bull however, it does not exclude the entry into Formula 1 of the Teutonic brand from the 2026 World Cup: “With the final changes made to the rules – by the way, concludes the note –IFormula 1, however, remains an attractive environment for Porsche, which will therefore continue to be monitored.“So it is not known at the moment if, and in partnership with whom, Porsche will be on the starting grid of F1 in the new engine era, but what is certain is that it will not do so with Red Bull.

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