Horrific Chorus About Queen’s Death in Conference League: “Lizzy is in a trunk”

Horrific Chorus About Queen’s Death in Conference League: “Lizzy is in a trunk”

On Thursday night, in the stadiums where the European Cups were played, there were not only minutes of silence and applause in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, but also celebrations: it happened in Dublin.

Author: Paulo Fiorenza

Condolences to the UK remain unremitting death of queen elizabeth II, who died yesterday at the age of 96 after having crossed three quarters of a century among the powerful on the planet. While the new ruler Charles III is quickly entering the part that awaits his proclamation that will take place tomorrow, the rest of the world pays tribute to a personality that will be written down a lot in the history books.

He countered the chorus of tributes paid to Elizabeth another – truly awful – choir performed on Thursday night in the stands at Tallaght Stadium in Dublin during the Conference League match between hosts Shamrock Rovers and Swedes Djurgardens. The final result of the game, the first of the group stage, was 0-0, reflecting a not excellent show, and then the Irish team’s supporters thought it was good to find other reasons to make sense of their presence in the stadium. .

So they sang the choir”Lizzy is in a box“, to mean “Lizzy (nickname for Elizabeth) it’s in a box“, and his singing was immortalized in a video that went viral on social media. In the video you can see Shamrock fans joining the choir, clapping loudly. Ito the Irish question – a thorn in the side of the reign of Elizabeth II, who only in 2011 made the first royal visit to Dublin in a hundred years – is the substrate for understanding the genesis of what Shamrock fans did. Last night, by the way, also in other parts of the world, the political and religious aversion generated manifestations of joy at the disappearance of the queen.

The Irish club today, however, distanced itself from the exploits of its fans by issuing a statement: “Shamrock Rovers FC were informed of the chants of a group of people during last night’s game. Such callous chanting is not acceptable at our club and is contrary to the values ​​that Shamrock Rovers FC espouses. Our regulations issued on game tickets and stadium entrance signage strictly prohibit this activity.“.

This is also announced over the loudspeaker system before all our matches at Tallaght Stadium“, continues the note, which quotes the text of the warning that is made to all:”Shamrock Rovers Football Club welcomes all fans to its premises and condemns all forms of fanaticism and discrimination in football. Shamrock Rovers Football Club does not condone hostile abuse of individual players, spectators or officials based on ethnic or cultural origin, nationality or religion. Those involved in such behavior will have to be deported and reported to the police.“Obviously it wasn’t enough.

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