Brits Disappointed With Monza: “Red Bull Box Mourning Queen Elizabeth While Dancing”

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The difference in atmosphere between the Red Bull garage and the surrounding area caused much discussion during free practice for the Italian GP at Monza. A debate began on the right attitude to maintain to honor the memory of Queen Elizabeth.

Author: Marco Beltrami

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

there too formula 1 he couldn’t help but celebrate Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, the Italian Grand Prix arrives in the hours following the death of the long-lived sovereign, in the days of mourning with the whole world that gathers around the royal family and the new King Charles III. The free practice session at the Monza circuit was marked by the initial moment of silence, which came after the large number of social and non-social tributes dedicated to the queen by the various teams, and by the federation.

In short, a very special atmosphere, which seems destined to accompany the entire weekend. On Sunday, by the way, another special ceremony in honor of Elizabeth is scheduled before the race. In fact, we must not forget that well 7 of the 10 Formula 1 teams are based on British soil. In fact, there are those who have thought of special initiatives, such as red bull which he inserted into the livery of the cars of world champion Verstappen and Perez, a tribute to the memory of the queen. This situation is in line with what has also been done by other teams, and by many pilots who later individually published messages of condolences and closeness to the royal family.

However, there were also those who pointed out a kind of contradiction on the day of the race before qualifying. This is Motorsport journalist Jon Noble, who highlighted the attitude of the Red Bull team. In the cabin of the world vice-champion team, current leader of the world classification, there is usually loud music during the moments of work in the extra-training car. Today, as a sign of respect for mourning, everyone worked in silence. On the other hand, Red Bull is indeed an Austrian team, but it is based in Milton Keynes, UK and therefore has a very strong link with England.

But all that is gone in sharp contrast with everything going on around. In fact, in Monza they play music too loud, dance and techno, to make the fans dance. The journalist used a tone of disappointment: perhaps in fact something different should have been done in light of what had happened, with less “noise” as a sign of respect. In reality, however, this observation sparked debate, causing debate. The non-British fans present at Monza claimed their right to experience the F1 nomination as a party. Of course, it is legitimate to honor the memory of Queen Elizabeth by aligning with the recall minutes or the various initiatives of the FIA.

But it is also legitimate, being in Italy, to enjoy the sporting spectacle of Formula 1, also because, from their point of view, it would all seem overkill. So, on the one hand, there were those who asked for greater consistency at the top of the Circus, and those who ironically stressed that Italy is not part of the “British Empire”.

Source: Fan Page IT