“You just have to tighten the nuts”: Osmar Fonnegra

“You just have to tighten the nuts”: Osmar Fonnegra

The Barranquilleros FS will undergo their first litmus test. Reinforced with all the parchments to fight for the title, the currambero team will take on the current number two in the National Futsal Championship, Sabaneros de Sincelejo, at the Las Delicias Sports Center this Saturday, starting at 7:00 PM. .

The match that everyone from the Colombian coast expected to see in the most definitive stage of the match is now given as an interesting starter that allows us to show what the ceiling of both teams will be for this second edition of the year.

The Atlanticenses, with a much more refined team compared to last season, will aim for their first victory as a visitor after starting on the right foot in the Betplay League by beating UTS Siempre Santander 4-1, with goals from Moisés Martínez, Angellot Caro and Brayan Guette, who reported with two notes.

EL HERALDO spoke with Osmar Fonnegra, the new coach of Barranquilleros FS, to find out how he has handled his arrival in the coastal areas and what the team’s plan will be for this first phase of the professional futsal competition.

“I’m fine, calm and happy, getting used to the weather. With the quality of the people, the actors and the directors we have, this is definitely going to be a really nice project for everyone. We are going step by step and our priority is to advance to the stage first in this second edition of the professional tournament,” the coach told EL HERALDO.

The quarterback is unaware of the quality of his rivals, Sabaneros de Sincelejo, who reached the final last season by knocking out Saetas de Bogotá in a very tight streak.

“It will be a tough game, but as I said to the boys, it’s just a game, it won’t be the last game of life. It has to be done with a lot of experience and wisdom. We will try to make as few mistakes as possible. and that the people who go to the Colosseum will benefit the most from the show, we will try to get us the three points,” he said.

Osmar Fonnegra also emphasized that they have worked hard to bring the team in optimal conditions regarding the idea that the coach wants to implement in the squad. Likewise, he praised all the individual abilities the board has amassed for this semester.

“We have a competitive team, a top level team to fight for great things. There is a roster of excellent players who combine youth with experience, so we just hope to tighten the screws to try and reach the goal. We will putting the three magic words together: patience, wisdom and concentration,” he emphasized.

Another of those who spoke to EL HERALDO about his welcome and the expectations he has of playing on the Colombian coast was Camilo Gómez, figure of the recent champions Real Antioquia and new reinforcement of the Barranquilleros FS.

“The boys and the board have welcomed me very well. It gives great satisfaction and happiness to come to such an organized club. It’s good for us as athletes to have the peace of mind that you’re on a great team and being a part of projects like this. I’m lucky to have worked with the coach and with some players, so it will be easier for me to adapt to the group,” said Gómez.

The player who scored a great goal against Barranquilleros FS in the last semi-finals, among other things, is waiting for the transfer that will make him fully available to coach Osmar Fonnegra.

“The goal is more than clear, we want to go for the title. There are national team players who have great careers such as Jorge Cuervo, Angellot Caro and José Villalobos. The boys from Barranquilla such as Stanley Rodríguez and Anthony De la Ossa also showed last tournament that they have a lot of talent. We have a great group, for my part I consider myself someone with a good vision of the game and above all a goal, I hope I can contribute that to the team,” he said.

Barranquilleros FS traveled to Sincelejo this Friday, at 3:00 PM, to meet the second date of the Betplay Futsal League against Sabaneros at the Las Delicias Sports Center, from 7:00 PM

Source: El heraldo