1 Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the east of the country is progressing well

1 Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the east of the country is progressing well

The Ukrainian counter-offensive made significant progress. Not only in the south of the country around the city of Kherson, but also on the eastern front in the Kharkov region. Ukrainian troops are rapidly advancing there and seem to be retaking the strategic area.

Since September 1, Ukraine has recaptured a total of 1,000 square kilometers and dozens of villages from the Russians. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced this in his daily video message on Thursday evening.

At the end of August, Ukraine launched a counter-attack in the south of the country. One of their goals is to save the port city of Kherson.

On the orders of the Ukrainian army, the troops are approaching Kherson. Meanwhile, they target Russian lines of communication, command centers and ammunition depots in the region.

Frontline in eastern Ukraine on September 9.

Frontline in eastern Ukraine on September 9.

Frontline in eastern Ukraine on September 9.

Eastern Front under pressure

Things are moving very quickly in the Kharkov region in the east of the country. Ukrainian troops have already captured more than 20 villages there.

The Eastern Front stretches between the cities of Kharkiv and Izyum. According to the American Institute for War Studies (ISW), the Ukrainian army is increasing openness at the front. This significantly weakens the Russian positions.

In addition to his daily video message, Zelensky also posted a video saying Ukrainian soldiers captured the eastern city of Balakliia, near Kharkov, on Thursday evening. Other images show that the Russians left vehicles and weapons in this area; a sign that they are on the run there.

Russian official Vitaly Ganchev told Russian state television that Balakliia is still in Russian hands. According to him, Russian troops have repulsed a Ukrainian offensive. news agency Reuters could not independently verify this.

Ukrainian troops advance towards Kupyansk and Izyum

A video is also circulating on Twitter of Ukrainian soldiers in the town of Yasinuvata taking the Russian flag off a radio tower and replacing it with a Ukrainian flag. Yasinuvata is 40 kilometers east of Balakliia. This means that the Ukrainian forces were getting closer and closer to the southern city of Izyum, quickly changing the front line.

Before reaching Izyum, Ukrainian forces will likely target Kupiansk first. According to ISW, they are only 20 kilometers away. The American institute predicted on Thursday that this city would be recaptured from the Russians within 72 hours.

Kupyansk is strategically located on the eastern front, between the cities of Kharkiv and Izyum. If the Ukrainians take Kuyansk, it will be very difficult for the Russians to maintain their bond with Izyum.

Russians send extra troops

Ukraine’s territorial gains will be a blow to Russia. First, because, according to Western intelligence services, the Russians are suffering enormous losses. But also because it will be a great boost for the morale of the Ukrainians. In this way Kiev can show that it is well able to gain ground and therefore deserves (more) Western support.

“We are now seeing progress in Kherson, we are seeing progress in Kharkiv, and that is very encouraging,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Friday. The day before, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Kiev. Blinken told Zelensky, “I think the reason for this success is that it’s your homeland, not Russia. It’s that simple,” he says.

Blinken also announced an additional $2.2 billion (EUR 2.19 billion) support plan. About 1 billion dollars goes to Ukraine. The rest will go to 18 other countries threatened by Russian aggression. The United States is also releasing an additional $675 million to ship additional weapons to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Russians seem to be sweating. On Friday, Russia’s defense minister released a video of additional troops on their way to the Kharkiv region. Previously, troops had withdrawn there to help defend southern Ukraine.

Source: NU