Neither FIFA nor PES; The best soccer game is Uruguayan Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate

Neither FIFA nor PES; The best soccer game is Uruguayan Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate

In a few years and with a very low profile, some Uruguayans have created what we believe is the best soccer game (not a simulator) today.

Screenshot of the game Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate
Screenshot of the game Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate

5 years ago I wrote an article called Pixel Cup Soccer is serious, where I talked about a video game for Android and iOS (I didn’t try the PC version then), which was very far from a beautiful game simulation. And he, instead, tried to appeal to a large mass of nostalgic gamers who grew up with similar gems Tehkan World Cup, Goal 3 (which was never called that) and a bit further back in time, fantastic International SuperStar Soccer Deluxe.

I discovered on Steam a few months ago that just as Konami “touched the cycle” with their ISSS in the 90’s, Uruguayan development company Batovi Games Have you released the final version? Pixel Cup Soccer, better known as Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate (Windows, macOS and Linux for 579 pesos on Steam; with taxes ending at 1013 pesos and coins).

The ultimate soccer game

How do we explain to them that the best soccer game today is almost unknown to the video game mainstream and that it isn’t FIFA 23? Here is the key: Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate is a soccer game, not a simulator. FIFA is a great soccer simulator: I actually play it a lot, but PCSU is something else, it’s a game in the truest sense of the word. It’s flexible, fun, friendly and keeps us on the gamepad for a long time, makes us smile. I can safely say that all of us who grew up playing soccer games on the NES, Genesis and Super Nintendo will feel something special when playing Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate for the first time. .

It is about A A pure and simple arcade where the characters are cartoons and there are spritesInstead of realistic 3D models. But that doesn’t mean it’s poor quality: the love of detail is always present, from the faces of the players, through the animations and celebrations.

This is Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate

On a gameplay level, the sequel to Pixel Cup Soccer is far superior. now yes The player really feels that he can control the playersDo what you want (or at least you can try). The game is easy, either trying to pass opponents or playing between teammates. The gameplay reminds me a lot of Arcade Hat Trick Hero, but maybe it’s not so easy to shoot crosses and heads in PCSU.

How is Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate match? First of all, quickly. The AI ​​is pretty well done and is challenging on higher difficulties. Because it’s practically an arcade, the game is from area to area and without pacing. As a game strategy, I recommend trying to get into a good scoring position with the attacker, load up the power bar and hit A large goal crossed on the bow

Screenshot of the game Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate
Screenshot of the game Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate

And let’s not be confused that we are faced with a game with a “retro” aesthetic, this does not mean that we are faced with random content, but rather we will find a game with a lot of options to enjoy – and in between. Improve gameplay – for good weather. Even though we are down to the previous version early access, PCSU will have different competitions, multiplayer modes and even a career mode where you can reach the top of world football with your amateur team.

Chat with the creator of Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate

We are lucky to talk Fernando Sasbero, founder of Batovi Games and creator of Pixel Cup Soccer. Very friendly and friendly like any good Uruguayan, he answered a few questions about the game, his company and the current state of Latin American developers:

What were your favorite football games as a kid and what are they now?

Well, since I was a kid, when the Atari VCS 2600 came out, the first soccer game I played was Pele Soccer (the Atari game was just amazing, it was out of this world). Then I played a lot of match days with the ZX Spectrum, I loved the arcade football games of the time. And although I watch a lot of football and practice it as an amateur, I am not a fan of current football, I find them boring and I am not attracted to the realism that they seek. He prefers to go to a real football game or watch football on TV. That’s why Pixel Cup Soccer was born, a fun arcade game that takes all the fun that soccer has to offer, taking it to the extreme, but without the absurdity. Many people tell us: “I don’t like football games, but I will play this one” And I feel very identified with that.

What were some of the challenges you faced creating the first PCS and then its sequel?

The first versions of the game were short, uncomplicated developments, but the essence was already there. The challenge came when we decided to create PCS’s own IP for the studio. So the game had to have a higher visual level, hundreds of features: friends, tournaments, career mode, editors, cooperative play, etc. The first big challenge was the size of the project, we had never done anything this big and complex. Creating a sports game is one of the most difficult tasks in video game development. It tested us and we had to learn and grow a lot. Other challenges were all the math and physics behind the game, the use of artificial intelligence techniques, and all with the idea that the game would be a lot of fun above all else. The rest of the complexity of the project is due to its scale and the delicate relationship between each component of the game. In previous games of other types, when there was an error, this error was “visible on the screen”, but now, a simple calculation error can be detected in very specific game conditions, which makes them much more difficult. find out On the other hand, the size and duration of the project also tested all of our maturity as developers to overcome stress, burnout, frustration, etc.

Fernando Sansbero is the creator of Batovi, the Uruguayan studio behind Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate.
Fernando Sansbero is the creator of Batovi, the Uruguayan studio behind Pixel Cup Soccer Ultimate.

What is your vision for the future of Pixel Cup Soccer? Will we have any surprises?

Our vision for Pixel Cup Soccer is to be the best retro game on the market. A game that allows everyone to have fun playing soccer, alone or with friends, even if they don’t know how to use the controls. However, in the Ultimate Edition we have built in a lot of options and control modes so that both casual players (with two buttons) and experienced players (with many buttons) can play. There will be surprises, of course. We haven’t stopped working and have already included many aspects that users have asked for, but we have a lot more in mind!

What challenges did you face starting a game development company in Uruguay? Do you think being in Latin America is about making video games?

Batovi Games was created in 2005. The challenges at the time were different: when the company was created, there were only two others in Uruguay, and they were just starting out. All your relatives told you it was risky, not safe, etc. Since this activity is 100% professional, I decided to leave my very secure civil service and jump into the water. Being in Uruguay was a problem because the country was not well known and there was no reference industry. It took some time for US and European customers to trust us. Today is different, the video game industry is much more mature and especially after the success stories of indie games from around the world. No one questions a game anymore because of the country in which it was produced: the expansion of the Internet allows you to access knowledge and industry wherever you are.

How many are there in Batov? What is the roadmap for an indie game like PCS, but at the same time full of such content?

There are 11 of us at Batovi Games. The PCS roadmap includes making several more Early Access updates, allowing us to show off the new Party Mode, Co-op Mode, and Remote Play, get feedback from people, and make adjustments as needed. Then another phase will begin, updates that add new content and game modes… there are many ideas, some of them are already advanced… different practice modes, content editors that allow users to make changes, even a multiplayer mode. … This game has no limits!

Is iOS the best mobile market for a video game maker to target or are there other reasons?

For iOS this time we have it Charua football, a soccer game with PCS-like gameplay but in 3D, exclusively for Apple Arcade on all its platforms. Pixel Cup Soccer – Ultimate Edition is initially available on Steam and will later be ported to other platforms, starting with Switch, which we’ve been asking for a lot. Our games are multi-platform, their selection is generally related to commercial issues and has changed over time, but we do not focus on any one in particular.

Source: La Nacion