Nerdearla 2022: The biggest nerd gathering in the country is back this October 19th

Nerdearla 2022: The biggest nerd gathering in the country is back this October 19th

The Argentine Systems Society celebrates the new edition of Nerdearla. It will be from October 19th to 22nd in an online and face-to-face format at the Ciudad Cultural Konex and entry is free and free.

Nerdearla 2022 will be held from October 19 to 22, 2022.
Nerdearla 2022 will be held from October 19 to 22, 2022.

proposal Systems meeting It promises more and more. In the ninth edition, hybrid negotiations coexist so that no one is left out: October 19 will be exclusively online i It will culminate from October 20 to 22 in virtual and face-to-face mode.

witThose who do not know are A meeting organized by the Commonwealth of Systems since 2014 laziness. It caters to self-proclaimed nerds, programming enthusiasts, and those new to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with a diverse offering of discussions and workshops aimed at different experience levels. In their social networks of Instagram and Twitter From now on, you can preview and access live activities.

This year’s network offers More than 150 technological presentations, with topics ranging from scientific outreach to hands-on and technical workshops on data science, development, infrastructure, computer security, UX, and more. There will also be more than 200 speakers from more than 20 countries, whose agenda is available here.

Professional guidance from technical schools

This edition will feature a job fair with over 60 companies hiring talent in person and virtually from across the country and region. also For the first time there will be a panel with technical career representatives Argentina’s main universities and training institutes, such as UBA, UTN, UADE, ORT, offer a space for professional guidance aimed at high school girls and boys.

There will be another news Saturday October 22, with activities for the family With popular science talks, board games, children’s robotics workshops and RASTI and Filgo spaces for over three years. As usual, a nursing/changing table will be set up at the event so that mums and dads can attend as a family.

“We’re very excited to make Nerdearla personal again, it’s something we’ve been waiting for two years and people have been asking for. This desire is even confirmed by the number of subscribers. More than 15,000 people have already registeredto participate in the event. Our expectation for this year is 20,000 online attendees and 5,000 face-to-face,” he says. Ariel JoloOne of the organizers and founders of Sysarmy. “The bet of this hybrid edition is, as always, to maintain the quality of topics and speakers, both national and international, and to go for more. For example, among more than 200 speakers we will have the main developer of the Linux Kernel and the developers of Docker and Kubernetes,” he adds, highlighting the panel to hear from the most important venture capitalists (venture investors) in the region. How software products can be created on a global scale.

“In order not to spoil it, we only assume that there will be some art (a combination of art+technology) with the event. In addition, we will implement a Game Jam for people to develop online video games, which will then be shown on the last day, and every night there will be “Gaming Nights” to play online esports” – concludes Jolo, emphasizing that Nerderla is a free event that can To be held thanks to the support of many companies that also come to hire talent, online or virtually.


Face-to-face speakers:

  • Louis Argerich, a UBA engineering professor for more than 20 years, will give a talk on cryptography.
  • Computer expert Gustavo Pressman will develop an introduction to computer forensics.
  • Sander Hoogendoorm and Kim Van Wilgen, software craftsman – as they define themselves – and leaders in product development, come from Amsterdam to tell us about the worst software development methodology.
  • Jon “Maddog” Hall, the legendary free software evangelist, tells you how you can start your startup with only free software.
  • Ernan Wilkinson, professor of exact sciences at UBA, discusses the historical mistakes of programming languages.
  • Vale Edelstein and Claudio Cormick will close the meeting by explaining how to recognize anti-science discourses.

Speaker Online:

  • Solomon Hykes, creator of Docker, will share his experiences and revolutionary way of developing software.
  • Greg Croix-Hartmann, developer and right-hand man of Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux), will talk about his experience in maintaining the operating system kernel.
  • Bruce Schneier, cryptographer, computer security expert, and writer, explains what’s happening in his field, artificial intelligence.
  • Ken Shirriff, a software engineer who handles historic equipment, tells us how he built the Apollo XI on-board computer in his own garage.
  • Brendan Burns, vice president of Microsoft (and ex-Google) and co-creator of Kubernetes, currently the most widely used cloud infrastructure solution, discusses the past, the present, and also envisions the future of it.
  • Sandra Kaufman, Director of NASA’s Astrophysics Division, shares her personal story from her childhood in Costa Rica to her leadership position at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions.
  • Kevin Hughes, an Internet pioneer who first experienced the .com boom in 2000 and lost over $100 million, details his experience and outlines the cryptocurrency bubble.

To participate, both online and in person, you must first register on the official site. Entry is free and open. To learn more, you can visit the YouTube channel with material from previous editions and a preview of the 2022 meeting.

Source: La Nacion