TechCrunch Live is back with the best founders and investors, and you can post the questions every week

TechCrunch Live is back with the best founders and investors, and you can post the questions every week

TechCrunch Live is entering its third season and I am so excited to be leading the events again this year. The first event will take place on February 1, 2023, offering a timely discussion on what to do if your company can’t get its hands on a Series A. The first event will feature Cambly’s Sameer Shariff and Benchmark’s Sarah Tavel.

Of course, watching TechCrunch Live is free. This weekly event/episode is recorded live every Wednesday at 12:00/3:00 PST/EST. Log in to Hopin to ask questions and connect with guests and other attendees. The event will also be streamed and viewed on Facebook Live and Youtube tweet Bedrooms.

It remains TCL’s mission to help founders build better venture-backed businesses. But as 2023 begins, there’s a new urgency behind that mission. TechCrunch Live started in the exciting days of 2021 and now, at the beginning of 2023, the startup world is undergoing profound changes. It’s harder to raise funds, sales cycles are much longer, and investors (and their LPs) have different expectations in different industries.

Some updates for 2023 TechCrunch Live are back on Hopin. Each event has its own waiting room where you as a spectator can ask your guests questions. For each event you need to register and log in. But it’s worth it. trust me. I also use Twitter to ask guests a few questions every week. I think it’s important that you can ask the questions that interest you the most. So if you can’t log into Hopin, tweet me with questions for @mjburnsy. It’s TCL Podcast! I have a producer and the mediocre TCL podcast gets a lot of love. Every Monday we upload an edited and shortened version of the TCL. And the logo changes thanks @dicebourbon. Field training is back! Use this form to request your company presentation. next guests

Sarah Tavel (Marco) and Sameer Shariff (Cambly) – 01/02/2023

Cambly seems like a safe bet at the moment, but as you know from Sameer, getting to that point has been tough. After the company failed to assemble a Series A, the model had to be changed overnight. When VC said no after VC, Cambly had to find a way to turn a profit to keep the doors open. Since then, the company has raised $20 million from Series A and $60 million from Series B, but only because the company has taken hard steps to become profitable faster than expected.

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Christina Ross (Cube) and Rajeev Batra (Mayfield) – 2/8/2023

Christina Ross and her company Cube are on a mission to improve financial planning and analysis. Unlike its competitors, Cube doesn’t try to replace in-house spreadsheets, but co-exist with the beloved spreadsheets. Cube’s strategy is to serve its customers wherever they are. Hear how this new approach has evolved and attracted investment from major companies, including Rajeev Batra of the Mayfield Fund.

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Christina Cacioppo (Vanta) and Andrew Reed (Sequoia) – 15/02/2023

Christina Cacioppo co-founded Vanta to help businesses keep up with ever-changing regulations. And the industry responded enthusiastically. The company quickly raised more than $200 million in venture capital and became a unicorn with its $150 million Series B in October 2022. Hear from Andrew Reed, General Partner of Cacioppo and Sequoia Capital, on its growth trajectory and Vanta’s fundraising strategy.

Sagi Eliyahu (Tonkean) and Joanne Chen (Capital Foundation) – 2/22/2023

David Blumberg (Blumberg Capital) and Tanis Jorge (Trulioo) – 01/03/2023

Mark Goldberg (Index Ventures) and Rick Song (Persona) – 8/3/2023

Mamoon Hamid (Kleiner Perkins) and Arianna Huffington (Thrive Global) – 3/15/2023

Eric Tarczynski (opposite) and Harshita Arora (AtoB) – 3/22/2023

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