Daily Crunch: Berlin-based design platform Kittl raises $11.6M for Series A to take on Adobe and Canva

Daily Crunch: Berlin-based design platform Kittl raises .6M for Series A to take on Adobe and Canva

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Imitation is the purest form of flattery: Miguel writes that Kittl is creating a segment of the graphics world dominated by giants like Canva and Adobe, raising $11.6 million in Series A capital for its design platform, which he says “easily translates ideas into graphics products.” curve from other platforms. .
This startup puts the heat on: European smart thermostat startup Tado planned to go public, but instead sought another round of funding, raising $46.9 million to become profitable. Pablo have more.
“It is always crypto winter to be a black founder”: this is how Iddris Sandu, founder of Spatial Labs, described the search for funding for his web3 company. The infrastructure and hardware company has raised $10 million in seed funding to develop products and shopping experiences using augmented reality. Dominic Madori Write startups and VC

Fintech startup Stripe has given itself a 12-month deadline to go public, either through a direct listing or through a private market transaction such as an IPO, according to sources familiar with The Issue. B. a fundraiser and public offering. The news comes as a surprise given the rather dry market activity in the tech world. maria ann Y Natasja m. Report.

There was a brief, sweet moment a few months into 2021 when it seemed like robot investments could be immune to broader market forces. We all essentially and implicitly understood that wasn’t the case, but it was still a good time. Brian muses However, it is now becoming increasingly clear that what we thought was happening with investment in robotics is actually happening.

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Learn growth marketing: conduct growth experiments through A/B testing

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Despite the myth, sharks don’t have to swim farther to keep breathing. On the other hand, early stage startups are not so lucky.

When driving growth is a priority, companies need to run an ongoing series of A/B tests that can help refine marketing messages and make their product roadmaps more relevant to customer needs.

In the third part of a five-part series on growth marketing fundamentals, Jonathan Martinez explains how to properly manage A/B testing, identify statistical significance when reviewing data, and prioritize experiments that maximize reach and impact maximize.

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In its own research, GitHub says it has 100 million active users, Pablo reports. This is a significant jump from 3 million 10 years ago and even a healthy increase from just three months ago when Microsoft, which acquired the company five years ago, announced that GitHub had more than 90 million users.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe joined forces to seize Hive’s ransomware infrastructure, including leak points and decryption keys. carly reports. She writes that Hive is “one of the most prolific ransomware operations,” targeting primarily healthcare and public health organizations, claiming responsibility for breaches of the Illinois-based Memorial Health System in August 2021 and, more recently, , on the Tata Power, one of the leading power generation companies. businesses. Company in India in October.

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