Pro-Russian DDoS attackers target Dutch hospitals

Pro-Russian DDoS attackers target Dutch hospitals

According to Z-Cert, the digital security cooperation of hospitals, pro-Russian DDoS attackers are targeting Dutch hospitals. “This is an attack by the Killnet group in collaboration with other attackers,” a Z-Cert spokesperson said.

Among other things, the attackers target the UMCG in Groningen. This hospital’s website is currently unavailable on a regular basis; A spokesperson said the attack came in waves.

Report on the UMCG website:

A Z-Cert spokesperson said other hospitals will also have to wait for the attack. “I can’t say what they are, but we have informed them so they can take action.”

Dutch and foreign hospitals

An extensive list of Dutch and foreign hospitals is published on the group’s Telegram channel. At the moment, the UMCG website appears to be the only website on this list that has actually been affected. The list includes hospitals in the Netherlands, as well as care facilities in Scandinavia, Poland, the USA, the UK and Germany.

“It’s very simple,” writes the founder of Killnet on his Telegram channel. “We are demolishing medical facilities in these countries to support the Nazis in Ukraine.” There are a total of 31 Dutch hospitals on the list.

The attack on UMCG only affects the website for the outside world. The electronic health record and the website where patients can view the information in their records will not be affected.

“This is very sad and we hope it ends soon,” a UMCG spokesperson said. “This can be an issue for patients who want to look at general medical information, such as what a particular treatment looks like.”

Killnet has been targeting organizations in countries that have recently supplied weapons to Ukraine more frequently. Organizations in Germany have also been the target of DDoS attacks in the past few days, but that didn’t cause any major problems there.

Source: NOS