Twitter is crashing worldwide

Twitter is crashing worldwide

Twitter suffered an apocalypse This Wednesday, March 1. It starts approximately at 10:20 am, incidents have been reported in large numbers in several countries around the world, including Spain, according to various portals such as At the moment, the problem persists without being resolved and there are many users who are unable to use the application.

According to the portal above, incidents have been reported, mainly in Europe, where countries such as the United Kingdom and France stand out, but also the US, Latin America (especially Brazil and Ecuador) and some Asian countries such as India.

Twitter is suffering a global crash.

The most commonly reported errors

On the other hand, the same portal also reveals the errors most frequently reported by Internet users. Most of the incidents correspond to a social network outage (47%), while there are other users who reported errors in general (28%) and registration problems (24%).

Source: La Neta Neta