Ukraine wants Russians to stop playing on PlayStation and Xbox

More stats than technology companies

Fedorov’s statements had caught the attention of many a week ago. But since the start of the war in Ukraine, several major tech companies have announced that they will no longer do business with Russia.

Apple said yesterday that it will no longer sell products in Russia. Access to Apple Pay and other services is also severely restricted. This decision was also made after Fedorov asked the iPhone manufacturer last week.

Other companies are also participating. For example, Google has disabled various Google Maps features in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. This was done so that the Russian military would not misuse the data. Earlier this week, Google and a number of other tech companies also blocked all channels of RT and Sputnik, two Russian state media in the EU.

Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time PlayStation’s parent company Sony has pulled a product off the Russian market. The company announced earlier this week that the superhero movie “Morbius” will not be released in Russia. This announcement was made after Warner Bros. He announced that the film “The Batman” will not be released in Russian cinemas either.

Source: RTL