Belgium produces a watch that can send alarm signals to the whole world –

Belgium produces a watch that can send alarm signals to the whole world –

Designed for emergencies

The O-BOY watch can transmit signals anywhere in the world via satellite connection without the need for a smartphone. “This means there’s nowhere O-BOY can’t go, whether it’s in the middle of the ocean or on top of a mountain.”

The company offers various satellite services. Users can forward a prewritten message with valid GPS coordinates to contacts through the GetMe service. This message can be changed even when there is no internet connection by connecting to the O-BOY smartphone app via Bluetooth.

The RescueMe service can be used when the situation is more urgent, for example if a user is injured or is at risk of suffocation. An SOS signal is then sent to the emergency services in the area with GPS coordinates.

Track live location

Finally, there is the TrackMe feature. This allows users to transfer their live location to their contacts. Users can choose to send a signal at 5, 20 or 60 minute intervals.

By the way, not all of these services are free. Customers can choose between GetMe single-use credits or monthly and annual subscriptions for TrackMe and RescueMe features.

According to Dorchy, the watch itself is dust and shock resistant. In addition, the watch can be used underwater up to ten meters “and maybe more”. O-BOY’s battery lasts about a week, or enough to send at least 48 messages.

Source: RTL