Meta retains nearly half of its sales revenue on Horizon World’s VR platform

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, receives 47.5% of revenue from the sale of virtual items in Horizon Worlds. This is Meta’s platform where people can meet in virtual reality to, for example, play games together.

Meta is currently testing ways for Horizon Worlds creators to sell their digital content to other users. For this, the commission that the seller has to give Meta is not 25% (like Side previously written), but 47.5%.

A spokesperson for Meta explains: Reuters He said the committee is made up of two parts. For example, developers are required to donate 30% for sales through the Meta Quest Store. In addition, a payout of 17.5% via the Horizon platform applies.

This week, a Meta CEO said he wanted a fair price and a “competitive rate in the market”. Interestingly, in the past, Meta has posted a 30% commission that Apple and Google charge from developers for purchases made in their app stores.

Meta plans to invest a lot of money in the near future to make augmented reality and virtual reality successful. The company is building its own metadatabase, a virtual world where users come together to work, play and talk.

Recent figures show that Meta’s VR platform now has 300,000 monthly users. This applies to users of Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues, a separate app for attending live events.

Source: NU