Meta wants to launch the first augmented reality glasses in 2024

Meta wants to launch its first augmented reality glasses in 2024 SideFacebook’s parent company is also reportedly working on a second and third model, scheduled for 2026 and 2028.

Augmented reality (AR) also translates as augmented reality in Dutch. AR occurs when an extra layer of reality information is added digitally. This can be done, for example, by projecting images onto the lenses.

Anonymous sources involved in the project describe: Side That Meta’s glasses are designed to work independently of a mobile phone. However, a different wireless device must be used. The operating system will be based on Android.

The device also has a special feature that allows users to communicate with other users through holograms. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes this will give them a more immersive experience than video calls.

He insisted that the first model offered “a full AR experience with 3D graphics and a wide field of view”. The team initially hoped to create a 70-degree field of view, but this goal is unlikely to be achieved.

According to the sources, it will be a race against time to finish the glasses in time for the year 2024. The price of the device is probably above $299 (more than 270 euros), although that is not yet known.

Source: NU