International Criminal Court partially closed after hacker attack

Following the hack attack previously reported by NOS, the International Criminal Court was partially closed. Recently scheduled hearings in the trial of a war criminal were canceled.

This is clearly seen on the website of the Criminal Court, where negotiations have disappeared from the agenda in recent days. The lawyer of one of the defendants confirms this.

Work resumed today but the ICC’s ICT network is still largely down, Reuters news agency reported. The lawyer in question also expresses this: For example, it is not possible to work remotely. Internally, the office network is functional.


The first signals of the attack came last week. Dutch authorities are currently investigating the matter in criminal court. This should make it clear who is behind the attack. It also remains to be clarified how many documents were or were not stolen, as per a NOS source.

Russia has tried to hire a spy as a criminal court employee before. The country also attempted to hack the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague. However, it is not yet known whether Russia is behind the latest attack.

The criminal court is hearing cases against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. The information held by the ICC is very sensitive. It may be interesting for suspects to find out whether they are being investigated by the ICC and who is being questioned as a witness.

militia leader

The canceled hearings concerned the case against former Central African Republic paramilitary leader Alfred Yekatom. He is accused of war crimes, including the use of child soldiers, murder and torture.

Source: NOS