Polestar shows car with integrated drone

Polestar shows car with integrated drone

The Volvo subsidiary yesterday announced the electric sports car Polestar O2. The convertible is designed to show the direction the company wants to take in the future.

The O2 is equipped with a number of features reminiscent of the brand’s previous concept car, the Polestar Precept. The company says it continues to rely on “the design language developed for this purpose”. That is why the new concept is built on the same platform.

Unlike its predecessor, the O2 is purely a sports car. According to the company, the two-door convertible ensures that electric cars can offer ‘old-fashioned driving pleasure’. The brand has yet to reveal its features and achievements.

According to Polestar, the car’s appearance is based on aerospace designs. In addition, clean lines should ensure the most aerodynamic car possible. The brand has also deliberately chosen not to place spoilers or wings.

Drone for enthusiasts

The most striking thing about the car is the film drone that comes standard. It could even go up and down while cruising. This is done on a standard “road” on board in the back of the car.

According to Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath, the drone can operate fully autonomously, following the car at approximately 100 kilometers per hour.

Once the vehicle is parked, drivers can view the drone images in the vehicle’s infotainment system. There they can also edit and share the video.

Sustainable interior

Polestar also explained how O2 can become sustainable. The interior is said to be made of the so-called “thermoplastic mono-material”. According to the company, it is a material made from recycled polyester.

The special thing is that all soft interior parts can be made from the same material. This will greatly facilitate the recycling of parts. The interior of other cars contains many different substances that are more difficult to recycle because they have to be separated first.

The aluminum housing should also be easier to recycle. Different types of aluminum are labeled in this way, making them easy to separate during the recycling process. This should ensure that the quality of reuse is maintained.

The concept shows the direction the company wants to take, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see O2 on the road. The company has confirmed that the previous concept of the Precept will enter production in 2024 as the Polestar 5.

So O2 has a chance of hitting the market someday. After all, Polestar wants to profile itself as a rival to the luxury brand Porsche, and a sports car is a must for that. Ingenlath told The Verge that the possibility of a production model is certainly there. “Is it possible? Sure. I’m trying to provoke this question. I’d like to confirm that in the future.”

Source: RTL