‘Internet is becoming cheaper thanks to KPN’s fiber promises’

KPN and Glaspoort, a partnership between KPN and pension investor APG, recently offered lower prices to third parties who want to use their fiber network to provide internet services. Interest rates are expected to fall by 10-30% over the next eight years.

ACM released a draft decision today, after opening an investigation two years ago. ACM was concerned about the current pricing. These can prevent competitors from easily entering the market.

According to the ACM, the new commitments from KPN and Glaspoort “could lead to more competition on price and speed, making it more attractive for households to opt for faster internet”. According to the regulator, price reductions can guarantee households savings of up to 200 million euros per year from 2026.

In the coming years, 80% of all homes will be connected to the fiber optic network. Suppliers who do not have their own network can also use it to offer their services.

Source: RTL