“Manufacturers don’t provide enough information about device updates” –

“Manufacturers don’t provide enough information about device updates” –

This is apparent from a survey by the Consumers’ Association among 86 device manufacturers such as smartphones, smart TVs, smart lamps and doorbells. Of the companies, 22% had information online about how long consumers received updates. In 2020, when the same survey was conducted, this percentage was 14%.

For home appliances in particular, manufacturers’ websites contain almost nothing about promises of updates. The Consumers’ Association: “There is very little development in white goods. “Almost no white goods manufacturers say anything about updates on their websites.”

According to the Consumers’ Association, manufacturers are paying more attention to updating policy than two years ago, but they do not always communicate this on their website. “A few manufacturers say they will update when needed, but don’t specify when. Also, several manufacturers have put the update time in an easy-to-find place. Instead, the information is often “hidden in sales generals, support pages, or manuals.”

Source: RTL