After five days of crisis, Sam Altman returns to OpenAI

Sam Altman is returning to OpenAI and will again be a senior executive. This looks like it will secure the future of chatbot maker ChatGPT. This situation had become uncertain due to the civil unrest among employees in recent days.

Everything suggests that the pressure on the board, which fired Altman on Friday for still unclear reasons, had become too great. Altman’s firing marked the beginning of days of chaos that culminated in his departure from Microsoft, followed by the threat that nearly all employees would leave with him.

Various American media outlets are reporting that an independent investigation will be opened into Altman’s actions, his firing, and the ensuing crisis.

“We are ready for joint duty”

OpenAI President Greg Brockman, who was his confidant until Friday, also announced in his post that he was back and wanted to return to work immediately.

Altman’s return means that the board that fired him has all but resigned. An interim board will be formed, initially including an existing board member. These include Bret Taylor (former co-CEO of Salesforce) and Larry Summers (former US Secretary of the Treasury).

They then appoint a new board of up to nine members. Altman was not there initially; this was to be part of the agreements. At the same time, it is also taken into account that he will want to have the seat even in the long term. The same applies to Microsoft.

The tech giant is a 49 percent shareholder of OpenAI’s commercial arm and has invested billions, but its influence was limited until this crisis. Microsoft is Altman’s most important ally. There is a non-profit association above the commercial branch and the board of directors ultimately makes all decisions. This board is currently being revised.

company price

While OpenAI’s future is assured, the question of what the company will do next remains. It does not seem possible to act as if this crisis did not happen. What this means for price and the much-discussed internal battle of direction are questions floating around the market but difficult to answer.

Finally, it is not yet clear why the board fired Altman. The board mainly accused him of poor communication, but firing someone immediately is a big step.

The fact that no details have been disclosed since Friday, even to the acting CEO, shows that the board has completely underestimated the situation.

Source: NOS