On/off button to end phone calls? How to stop it on iPhone and Android screen

On/off button to end phone calls?  How to stop it on iPhone and Android screen

Here’s how to avoid accidentally disconnecting your iPhone and Android phones by pressing the power button.

One of the most frustrating experiences that can occur when calling A. iphone Or android phone is a random malfunction. It is surprising and surprising how this can happen. In some cases, this could be due to a loss of cellular signal, but with improved network coverage, the user is more likely to accidentally press the power button on the phone.

The smartphone era has expanded mobility as much as the car. While the machine allows a person to travel long distances, an iPhone or Android phone ensures that you do not lose touch with friends, family and colleagues. It is a modern miracle to watch TV programs, surf the Internet and check emails in a remote place.

Of course, a smartphone can also make and receive calls, which is usually very reliable. Unfortunately, pressing the power button can suddenly interrupt the current conversation. Google needs to realize that this behavior can be a problem for some users. Android phones have the option to disable this feature in the “Access” section of the “Settings” app in the “System Management” section. Once the toggle switch is detected, its use is obvious as it has the caption “Power button interrupts call”. Turn it off to turn on the power switch without hanging up the call. Apple handled the iPhone differently.

iPhone calls and side button

Power Button End Phone Calls How to End Them on iPhone.5

There’s no option to enable the side button to end the call on the iPhone, but that’s usually not a problem. It is not even necessary to put the screen to sleep or lock the iPhone after answering the call. When the iPhone is close to the ear, the screen turns on and turns back on when removed from the ear. This prevents you from accidentally touching the on-screen buttons next to the ear and the side button is off. When it’s turned off, pressing the side button interrupts the call, so the only chance you’ll accidentally hang up is to take your iPhone out of your ear, switch to speakerphone, or use the dial.

In iPhone speakerphone mode or using the headset, the side switch puts the screen to sleep as expected, but does not interrupt the call. If accidental disconnection is a problem, it’s best to use the speakerphone option or enable the headphone jack so that the side button behaves normally. The handling of the side buttons on the Android phone is not so nuanced. If the power button is on, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a headset or a speaker. The call is still disconnected. Even if the phone is close to your ear, pressing the power button will end the call. Android has more options, but in this case iphone It just works better.

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