Startup wants to make people ‘immortal’ in metadata

The company Somnium Space calls it the “live forever” mode, characteristic of its virtual world, also known as metadata storage, which allows people to store as much information about themselves as possible. With this data, an avatar is then created that speaks, moves and sounds the same. This avatar remains active even after a user dies. This allows people to continue talking to their loved ones if they want to.

Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, got the idea after learning that his father had an aggressive form of cancer. He realized how little time he could spend with her. Sychov says she can’t bear to see her children, who were only a few years old at the time, grow up with no memory of their grandparents.

“I don’t understand artificial intelligence”

According to Sychov, the goal is to create an avatar that behaves almost like a real person. “You get acquainted with the virtual human and for the first ten minutes you don’t realize that it is actually AI (artificial intelligence). That is the point.”

Such innovations will put the metaverse on the map as a new place for people to gain valuable experiences, says the entrepreneur. “People think it’s about selling NFTs and stuff, but that’s not the point. It goes much deeper than that.”

Source: RTL