The New York Times is suing tech companies for copyright infringement

The New York Times filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI for copyright infringement. The newspaper alleges that OpenAI and Microsoft, known for chatbot ChatGPT, used millions of articles without permission to train artificial intelligence (AI) software. The New York Times fears it will lose readers and therefore revenue.

OpenAI and Microsoft say they don’t need permission because the New York Times articles are public information on the internet.

This is the first time a major American media company has sued an AI company for using the work of others. No specific compensation is sought, but the newspaper says the companies are liable for billions of dollars in damages. Additionally, the newspaper demands that companies destroy all chatbot models and training data that use copyrighted material.

OpenAI and Microsoft, which invested billions of dollars in OpenAI founded by Elon Musk, will be able to benefit from New York Times news articles at no cost. In the complaint, the newspaper points out that free use of its articles has increased the value of both companies by billions of dollars.

The outcome of the case could determine copyright’s role in the world of artificial intelligence.

Source: NOS