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With the latest version of Windows 11, Microsoft allows users to update their credit card information through the subscription panel.

Build a new view Windows 11 Prompts users to save saved and updated credit card information to the computer. Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced a new Windows 11 subscription management tool that can be accessed this way: Settings > Accounts > Your Microsoft Account† At the top of the page, users will see an option called Your Subscriptions, where they can check their Office 365 subscription status, sharing, billing status, and OneDrive account storage status.

This is a small panel where users can exchange information with their account and manage their subscription. A rather strange omission, however, is Xbox Game Pass. While it’s one of Microsoft’s most popular subscription services, the board’s absence of Xbox Game Pass is rather surprising. Microsoft is now making minor tweaks to the dashboard, which can be a bit annoying for some users.

With the release of the Windows 11 Insider Preview (build 22567), Microsoft prompts users to save or update existing payment information directly from the subscriber dashboard, which can be accessed directly from the settings of the Accounts page. Until now, all payment information was processed through a web-based route, which can only be accessed after you enter your Microsoft account credentials on the Microsoft website. After the last update, this annoyance has faded a bit as users can now save and update their credit card details in the dashboard for all subscription information.

It’s more convenient for some

Windows credit card information Why?

Microsoft does more than just store credit card information locally. The idea here is to allow users to view their related payment details and receive notifications about subscription issues. For example, users will see a banner message if their credit card has expired and the payment source needs to be updated for a recurring subscription. The change essentially means that the individual computer will be the same payment gateway, as long as their credit is stored on the phone through services like Apple Pay or Google Pay, and users can view bank details whenever they see fit. Microsoft will also use the subscription panel to highlight the free benefits offered as part of the Microsoft Account package.

However, the change will not affect all members of the Insider testing community. Microsoft says it will initially monitor the small number of customer responses before deciding to make it generally available. Of course, safety comes first here. Because Windows 11 is still a relatively new experience and a large number of users are still in the onboarding phase, the risk of being scammed by malicious actors is always high. Security experts just discovered a fake Windows Update domain that tricked users into installing a malicious program “Redline” and stealing malware at the same time. Windows 11 Installation file for incompatible computers.