Google asks users to “donate” posts to improve AI ScreenRant –

Google asks users to “donate” posts to improve AI ScreenRant –

Google asks select users to “gift” text messages to help the algorithm better classify messages in the future. Fortunately, this is optional.

google It has gone its own way with the messaging service, which offers a new RCS experience similar to iMessage, taking its commitment even further, asking users:ContributionMessages to fine-tune your algorithms. Android’s default messaging application is based on the Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol, which is the successor to the older SMS and Multimedia Messaging (MMS) protocols. When Google’s other messaging apps expire, Google’s messaging app and the well-known RCS standard are essential for advancing a company’s strategy.

As the company’s argument continues Apple’s reluctance to adopt the RCS standard, the iPhone maker continues to focus on its iMessage service. This controversy is especially important to a young audience who appreciate iMessage’s connection and uniqueness. While Android has competitors to Apple’s iMessage services, they pale in comparison to Apple’s unified experience. As such, Google has publicly criticized Apple for not supporting the RCS standard, the foundation of its messaging app.

One of the main features of Messages is the app’s ability to sort messages into different categories. The service is popular among Android users for both personal and business use due to the app’s extensive feature set. This prompted Google to explore algorithm-based classification of notifications into categories such as business, personal, and advertising. To further fine-tune the process, the company is asking user data to fine-tune the categorization algorithm, as revealed. android police

Google to improve the categorization of donations

Google-ის შეტყობინებებმა ახლახან მიიღო ერთ-ერთი.5

The company is now looking for selected customers “Contribution” Messages for Google to know how to order them correctly. Research and development donations are optional, meaning users have full authority to share their posts. This is important as one of the best features of an application is end-to-end encryption, which is essential for the privacy of digital communications. The “donation” message is relatively new, but the concept is not that rare. Voice assistants regularly request recordings from users to improve artificial intelligence, and Google’s new donation message is just an extension of that industry standard.

If the request is selected, users will see another page with notifications sent to Google. Commercial and promotional messages are automatically selected for donation by the company, but users have full control over which messages are sent. In addition, users can change the content of messages to be donated to remove personal or sensitive information. Google says that all donated messages will remain private and separate from any associated phone numbers and accounts. It can be difficult for a user to share text messages with a tech company known for collecting data for targeted advertising, but for those ready to develop AI, messaging offers an opportunity to participate in the sophistication. . google Algorithms