The Mysterious Nothing phone will be released next month and we can’t wait –

The Mysterious Nothing phone will be released next month and we can’t wait –

With no plans to unveil its first phone this month, it has already unveiled a prototype behind closed doors at MWC 2022.

Nada, the company founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Paye, showed its next smartphone Industry insiders and is aiming for an official release soon. The company surged after the investment was secured soon after incorporation. The only product that came out of the company is a wireless headset called the nothing ear (1).

The headphones offer benefits such as active noise cancellation on a budget of $99. All audio devices are housed in a clear headphone case and are sold in a scratch-resistant, clear charging case. There are rumors circulating that smartphones are the company’s next stop, and while Pei hasn’t said anything on the phone yet, Nothing bought the now-defunct Essential brand last year.

So far, Pei has only said that Nothing has planned products in several categories. However, it looks like the company is actively working on the phone and it could arrive in the coming weeks. According to TechCrunchNada recently presented its first smartphone prototype to industry executives at MWC 2022. The report adds that the company has been working on the device for more than a year and has no plans to release the device next month. last cheap Nothing’s official handle suggests the announcement could come in March.

Transparent design comes after phones after headphones

Mysterious Nothing Phone could be released next month y.5

The report says that Pei also met Qualcomm CEO At this year’s MWC event. It should also be noted that nothing has been announced for the fair so far. Enrico Salvatore, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm, wrote on Twitter: Photographer Along with Pei, which looks like a Qualcomm booth at the Barcelona fair, it also hints at a new collaboration. While details about the Nothing-branded phone are scarce at the moment, there are rumors of the design language. By identifying a source with direct knowledge of the latest developments, TechCrunch Says nothing on the smartphone will explode “Elements of transparency” Which are similar to the company’s headphones.

Nothing, of course, will not be the first brand to launch a transparent phone. The LG GD900, known as the world’s first transparent design phone, had a transparent keyboard and arrived in 2009. Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi also had a similar design with the launch of its flagship Mi 8 Explorer in 2018. The aesthetic of the formula has a long way traveled way. The Mi 9 a year later and reappeared the following year in the Mi 10 Ultra. HTC also tested the transparent design with the U12 Plus in 2018, while the Chinese Nubia (Red Magic) now offers a feature-rich gaming smartphone with a transparent back panel. While the idea may not be original, expectations are high. If nothing else, firmly repeat the formula you applied to your noise canceling headphones (1) smartphone It is not expensive, there is reason to admire it.