Will there be a new higher-resolution Apple screen in 2022? – Clear network –

Will there be a new higher-resolution Apple screen in 2022?  – Clear network –

The Apple Pro Display XDR was released in 2019 and rumors of one or more new displays are valid, at least one has 7K resolution.

apples The highest-resolution display would be released in 2022 with the new Apple Silicon-powered Mac desktops. It’s rare for an iPhone maker to release new Mac screens where any kind of screen upgrade is of interest. This isn’t the first rumor about Apple’s new screen, but it sounds a little different on both the good and the bad sides of the story.

The Pro Display XDR is the only display Apple currently sells. Impressive as it is, it was announced in 2019 and it’s time for something new. With mini LED lighting, it has a resolution of 6K, a contrast ratio of one million to one and a maximum brightness of up to 1600 nits. When they were first introduced it was an excellent benchmark and three years later they are still perfect. But iPad Pro 12.9 and MacBook Pro 2021 laptops, of course, have similar technology with a lower resolution and a much lower price.

last report 9 to 5 Mac Points to anonymous sources suggesting Apple is making a new “studio display” with 7K resolution, so it will have an even higher pixel count than the current Pro Display XDR. There’s no word on whether it will be larger by 36 inches when it matches the current offering’s 32-inch diagonal, but with a higher pixel density. The strange thing about this display is that it may come with an Apple A13 chip, without explaining why. This allows the display to double as an Apple TV or HomeKit if Apple provides an operating system and a microphone or remote. By Bloomberg Mark Gourman also noted that Apple’s new display will be released in 2022. This is undoubtedly a cheaper option that may not have the advanced mini-LED technology of the Pro Display XDR. Still, Apple’s low-end display would be a welcome addition to the lineup.

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Will a new higher-resolution Apple monitor be released.5?

This is expected to be Apple’s new computer monitor in 2022, and many sources agree that this is the year of the update. Apple may release more than one new display. Their Cinema Display lineup ranged in size from 20 inches to 30 inches. Now that the Mac computer range has been revived, it makes sense to expand the choice of monitors. Apple may extend release dates for various events. For example, the World Developers Conference in June is a good time to kick off a developer conference, and the fall event could introduce a new high-profile model.

It’s unclear if any new display will come with a mini LED light. Apple may offer a cheaper option without mini-LEDs, which would be fine for those on a budget. Eventually, the cost of larger mini LED panels will come down and this technology will be available to everyone. Meanwhile a apples The highest resolution studio screen with standard lighting can be supplied to Mac mini owners or anyone looking for a second screen.